Male Chastity Milking (Three Fun Ways to Do It)

by Sarah on June 28, 2010

To continue from my last post, let’s look at male chastity milking.

One of the presuppositions underpinning the practice is long-term orgasm denial can be harmful to a man because it can cause problems with his prostate gland, including an increased risk of cancer.

This presupposition may or may not be correct, even though like so much else on the Forums and Blogs it’s accepted as Gospel Truth – Everyone Knows you “have” to milk the prostate “at least once a month” and this is the accepted Truth even though there’s: a) no compelling evidence to suggest milking is necessary for good prostate health; or b) that once a month is the ideal frequency.

But perhaps it’s best to err on the side of safety, and since male chastity milking itself can be as pleasurable or humiliating as you want it to be for both of you, then regardless of the health issues you might want to do it anyway.

As always there is more than one way to skin this particular cat, so let’s start simple and work our way up.

First is the easiest and most common way: simply let your man have an orgasm once a month (we may as well use this arbitrary yardstick for the frequency as any other). Some couples might think this is an insufficiently-long period of orgasm denial, and you might be right. But even if milking is necessary for prostate health, then it’s unlikely once every six weeks is going to represent a significantly higher risk than once every four weeks does.

If you’re really unhappy with the thought of allowing or being allowed an orgasm this frequently, then there’s nothing to stop your partner from making sure it’s a ruined orgasm. You’ll get all the health benefits of male chastity milking, if there are any, and add to the frustration at the same time (but if you’ve never been for a month without an orgasm while “enjoying” tease and denial at the hands of your wife or girlfriend, then you probably don’t understand how long that month feels). You can use this with a bit of tease and denial, too.

The next way to do it, and the way I typically do it with John, is external milking. I do this by gently stroking John’s perineum, the soft skin between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx, usually while he’s pleasing me with his tongue, although occasionally I’ll have him bend over a table or a chair with his legs apart. I don’t do this often, because I personally prefer to see male chastity milking as a shared pleasure rather than just a functional exercise.

The first time I did this it was by accident rather than design, and John was actually locked in his CB3000 at the time; now when I do it, I do it deliberately and usually do it with him unlocked, although this weekend gone I did it while he was safely locked in his Tollyboy. It took longer, but it was well worth it. The only downside was it was incredibly messy and he had to have a shower afterwards (our power-shower means the belt never has to come off for cleaning).

John’s description of external milking is “it’s like pissing only I know it’s not… I can feel my prostate emptying like I can with an orgasm, but it comes out in a flow rather than in pulses. It’s very nice but it’s not the same as an orgasm and there’s an exquisitely torturous frustration because there’s a definite ‘something’ missing”.

A third way of male chastity milking is to do it internally where you massage the prostate from inside the anus, either with your finger or something like the Aneros, a purpose-made device for massaging the prostate. I know precious little of the detailed technique of internal prostate milking and I’m not one to steal others’ content. There’s more information than you’d ever want or need here.

Some general comments about male chastity milking, both internal and external: some women, more than a few of those whacky Dommes, believe their men shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy any pleasure whatsoever, and go to great lengths to remove all sensation from milking by applying ice to the testicles and penis; and “forcing” your man to drink it afterwards is entirely optional.

Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. Just bear in mind this probably isn’t going to work for external milking because you’re not milking the prostate quite so mechanically as you are with internal milking. Another advantage you might find with internal milking is it’s supposed to be quite humiliating for the man.

Again, whatever floats your boat. Invite the family, put videos on YouTube, phone your friends. It’s all one to me. Just remember it’s not “necessary” to humiliate him and only the Chastity Taliban will tell you it is.

To anticipate the question of why I indulge in male chastity milking even though I’m not convinced there are any health benefits, there are two reasons.

First, it doesn’t do any harm and it might do some good.

And secondly, it’s fun. It’s another string of pleasure to my kinky bow. And not only is it pleasurable for both of us, but there’s the added benefit of it actually being more frustrating for John in the long run, as many a milked man will tell you.

P.S. You can still download How to Drive Your Man Insane with Desire — The Quick, Dirty and Uncensored Guide to Tease and Denial. Just click the obvious place or the picture on the right.

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