Sleepy Sex… Permanent Denial

by Sarah on September 29, 2011

Some women like to take complete control of their men’s sex lives… to the point where the poor fellow isn’t even allowed to instigate love making.

Not for me, thanks.

And last night is a good reason why.

There I was all warm and snuggled… fast asleep, if truth be known… when I was slowly, gently and deliciously awoken by John’s soft and sleepy kisses and caresses.

It was all rather lovely, I have to admit… and after a long session of delightfully soft and mellow heavy petting with much groaning from him and some wonderful orgasms from me… I pulled him on top of me and in our dreamlike state made long, slow love to his Lori.

Wow… it was almost as good as the real thing… which makes me think about two things much, much more seriously:

A strap on (if the Lori was good, almost as good as the real thing… surely a good strap on will be even better?)…

… and…

The old permanent chastity thing…

One worry was always about my missing out. I really don’t think that’s going to be an issue ;-).

Oh my… what has that man of mine done? 😉

You know… your own journey to male chastity could well start here, with my free guide to male chastity, Why He Wants You to Say ‘NO!’.

You’ll never know unless you give it a try…

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