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Male Chastity: How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed... Until You Beg for Release

Male chastity is one of the most exquisite and profound lifestyle choices any couple can make… and…

…if you crave male chastity and denial, but you’re strug­gling to get your Beloved to understand…  frus­trated at the exquisite pleasure you know you’re both miss­ing out on — and you know just one small but impor­tant step in the right direc­tion, one last small piece of the “male chastity puzzle” is going to be enough to make it all start hap­pen­ing for you… then your day just got a lot better.

Because strict male chastity really can be yours… if you approach it in the right way.

In other words… if you’re new to male chastity or simply looking for more information on it, then you are most certainly in the right place.

Because one reason I began the Male Chastity Blog in the first place is when my husband John had just confessed his desire and need to me, and so I was new to male chastity, I went looking for a good source of sane, sensible and real information about it…

… but I was horrified and almost put off the idea entirely by the huge mass of poor information available, ranging from the just silly to the sinister and, in my opinion, potentially damaging and dangerous.

The truth is, male chastity is an incredibly common fantasy men have  (so if you’re a woman reading this because your husband has asked what might seem a very strange request, rest assured, he’s perfectly normal).

For example, John and  I are an otherwise normal couple and, despite what you may have heard, read or been led to believe, male chastity is not some weird and way-out sexual kink played only by a few extreme enthusiasts.

See… the only difference in our relationship and the more mainstream ones you imagine your friends and neighbours have – and perhaps like the one you are in now, but would like to change – is that…

I Keep John, by His Own Consent, in Strict Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial for Many Months at a Time

Indeed, at the time of writing this, John is now looking at permanent male chastity and orgasm denial.

That’s fairly “extreme” you might think, but we’ve been playing this game for a long time, and for us it’s simply a natural progression.

You don’t have to do it this way.

You don’t have to do it in any way other than the way that suits you both (so don’t fall for the lies, hype and nonsense you’ll read elsewhere).

Here Are Some of the Many Myths You’ll Find I Reveal, Expose, and Debunk in These FREE Guides

Male Chastity Implies and Necessarily Includes Male Submission.

This is unequivocally untrue. Often relationships which involve male submission and female domination do include male chastity, but the reverse is not necessarily the case. John is not in any way submissive, and my “control” of him is limited strictly to his orgasms and the bedroom.

Your man can still be manly, masculine, confident, strong and assertive and still crave male chastity and orgasm denial. Male chastity does not automatically mean your man wants to be turned into a weak and spineless slave. He might want this, of course – but that’s not necessary to enjoy male chastity and not necessarily what he’s after.

Male chastity can be vanilla.

Male Chastity Implies a Female Led Relationship.

This is also untrue. If anything, our marriage is mostly male-led.

Male Chastity Implies You Must Be a Dominant Woman.

This is not so. I am not a dominant woman, yet I enjoy exercising my feminine power in controlling John’s orgasms and “enforcing” male chastity.

Male Chastity is about Control.

No. It includes an element of control, but it’s not about control, necessarily. For me and John and for many of the readers and commentators you’ll find within the pages of this Blog, male chastity is basically a sexy game played out over a period of days, weeks, months, and yes, perhaps years.

Male Chastity Will Mend a Broken Relationship.

Sadly, this myth, while being one of the most pervasive is also the one with the least truth in it.

It’s a marital aid and necessarily involves more physical and emotional intimacy, not less. So if your relationship is in a state where more intimacy is the last thing either of you wants, then male chastity will simply make things worse, not better.

So if you’re looking for real information about male chastity, free of hype and make-believe, then I invite you to click on any of the links you see and take whatever you need from it.

For the more adventurous, I have a free 12-Part male chastity guide, Why He Wants You to Say ‘No!’. It’s completely free and comes with a complementary email newsletter, packed with, hot and explicit sex-tips on how men and women can please each other while living the male chastity lifestyle. Just leave your details in the box below, click the button, and let me take care of the rest.