11 Simple Facts About Male Chastity

by Sarah on September 28, 2012

I get a lot of emails, as you probably know. And never more than when I pop people’s little bubbles as I did yesterday.

Just to be clear: I don’t care what anyone’s consensual behaviours are, not one whit. But if they are unable or unwilling to distinguish reality from fantasy, then they’re Stupid and I have no interest whatsoever in talking to them about anything.

What’s more, in the interests of what I want to do, I’m going to call them on their bullshit. And if they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Why anyone would waste their precious time emailing me to tell me they don’t like what I’ve said is way beyond me.

Because my aim is to help serious but often confused men and women uncover the truth about male chastity and then see if it can become a part of their lifestyle.

And the fundamental truth underpinning all the rest is male chastity is always consensual in a free society. Forced chastity is a lie. If people want to believe otherwise that’s up to them. If they want to claim otherwise on blogs and forums, that’s also up to them.

But I say that’s bullshit and it’s not just unhelpful but actually harmful when unsure and perhaps nervous men and women are seeking information about male chastity ask questions on forums and are glibly told to “lock him, throw away the key and then cuck him”.

How, exactly, is that kind of thing in the least bit helpful?

How, exactly, is that kind of thing going to put a woman at her ease and encourage her to explore male chastity further with her man — something that’s probably very important to him and so is important to HER because she wants to please him — rather than have her thinking her kneejerk feelings of distaste and revulsion were indeed well founded?

It’s not. At best it’s unthinking tomfoolery; at worst it’s nasty, spiteful, vicious deceit intended to hurt and damage. I think people recognise their own nastiness by the angry reactions they have when I call bullshit on them.

The whole point of my blog, my books, my guides and even my emails have one aim: to inform and educate and allow people to judge the facts for themselves.

But to judge the facts they have to be presented with them. And where I am expressing an opinion I say so.

Here are eleven claims often presented as ‘facts’ about male chastity for you:

  1. Male chastity is not consensual and some men are forced into it against their will. Surely, though, even if your wife says she’ll divorce you if you don’t wear the device, that’s your choice? This is BS, anyway — there’s no reason a woman would do this, unless she’s mentally ill and most men wouldn’t want to be with her in the first place.
  2. Such and such is a 100% secure chastity device. But how can this be? What material is it made of? No material I am aware of is impossible to cut. And if that’s so, then no chastity device or belt is 100% secure. MOST (maybe all) can be removed with simple tools you’ll find in almost every man’s toolbox.
  3. Such and such a device will stop him from having an orgasm. Nope. Men have wet dreams without any physical stimulation at all (and some of them in a device, to boot). What’s more, it seems most men can still orgasm no matter what device they are wearing if they put their minds to it.
  4. Women are intrinsically superior to men. How so? I’m not saying we are equal in the sense we’re identical, because we’re not. But how exactly are women ‘superior’? Who set the standard by which it will be measured? When did everyone it concerns agree to it?
  5. Every woman has a deep-seated need to control and dominate her man. No. I don’t. Hypothesis unarguably disproved.
  6. Every man wants to be dominated by a woman. No. My husband doesn’t. Hypothesis unarguably disproved.
  7. Every man wants to be cuckolded. So how about the ones who claim otherwise? Are they lying? Deceiving themselves? Or do people making this claim have evidence to demonstrate they know the inner workings of every man’s mind better than he knows it himself?
  8. Women are more entitled to break their marriage vows than men are. How so? No one’s going to stop anyone from doing this, but to say women are somehow ‘entitled’ to have many lovers whereas men have to take what they’re given implies this is all written down in some kind of legal code somewhere or we’ve all agreed to it. When was this? John and I agreed no such thing when we married, and we even wrote our own vows. Seems to me it’s more likely to be a bunch of loud-mouthed bigots making up shit as they go.
  9. You can trick or force a man into a chastity device, put it on against his will, or put it on it while he’s asleep. I suspect to do any of these things would take far more planning and execution than is portrayed in the ‘true’ stories where it’s supposed to have happened (unless, perhaps, he’s an extraordinarily heavy sleeper, drugged or dead drunk). Most men are immensely stronger and more aggressive than most women. To say a women ‘forced’ a man to do it is laughable.
  10. Some women ‘owns’ their man. No. If you don’t believe me, look up the relevant legal code. Slavery was abolished long ago.
  11. Men don’t have the right to touch (and keep attached!) their own genitals. Yes, they do. See No. 10.

If you have objective, reproducible and independently verifiable evidence to support any of these claims, I’d LOVE to see it.

Most men do not want the extreme versions of chastity they and their partners inevitably stumble across on the ‘net masquerading as ‘truth’.

They don’t want to sign over all their money and be degraded; they don’t want their wives locking them, throwing away the key and playing “hide the salami” with a trio of black linebackers; they don’t want their wives showing pictures of them in pink frilly panties to their girlfriends at coffee mornings; they don’t want to be eating creampies and listening in the next room while the entire Leicester City football team takes their beloved anally.

I suppose some might want this, but I assure you most really don’t.

And those who don’t are the ones I am talking to. If you’re listening to this and it’s not resonating with you, then you’re in the wrong place and listening to the wrong woman.

In which case – unsubscribe from my email list and stop reading my blog and my books.

Don’t bother me with messages. Just go.

Otherwise, stick around.

You’re most welcome.

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