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A Most Wonderful Message from a Reader

by Sarah on April 6, 2011

I received this most wonderful message from a reader of the Blog yesterday. It’s the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile to me.


I would just like to tell my story of chastity. I was one of those (ignorant) newbies who searched the internet for resources and information on male chastity.

My mind was instantly flooded with a whip wielding dominatrix who would use me as a slave while keeping me locked up. It eventually manefested itself inot my thinking I wanted to see her with another man. I purchased a device for us and got her
to agree to try.

This was 6 years ago. I pished and pushed and almost detroyed our relationship because of all the things I THOUGHT I wanted due to all the fantasy and crap that has been written. She once told me, she was losing respect for me and I had become a spineless and whimpy little boy. She then stated this chastity device will be the thing that ruins our relationship.

Well, long story short, I through the device away and we continued our relationship. One thing I know is true, my desire to be chaste would not go away. I came at her from the angle of I feel bad that I masturbate in the shower and I need to focus on her and her pleasure. She agreed to try one last time.

This time, It’s on her terms. We purchased a cb6000s and I have been wearing it on and off now for two weeks. I have just about gotten it adjusted as well as possible and beginning this weekend, she will hold the keys forever. We have agreed to give it 90 days. No if’s and’s or but’s…

After that period, we will decide to keep going, stop or just play around when we both agree to. So far, she is seeing a different side of me. I have cleaned the house without being asked…I have given her well over 2 dozen quickie orgasms and all the while I have remained pure.

She said just this morning…as I was making the bed…that she thinks this lock up thing is really going to make her a happier woman.

Sarah, to hear her say that made me burst inside with
delight and happiness. I just want the men out there to really think about what it is you want out of chastity and how you can make HER happier.

Don’t blow it by thinking you need your ass whipped and balls crushed. Thanks for your site. It’s been a great help. I do not see me going a year like John, but a month….WOW.


There’s not a lot I can add to that… so I won’t even try.

P.S. If you want something to make male chastity a reality in your life, then Why He Wants You to Say NO is the perfect step-by-step plan to living your dreams.

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