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by Sarah on September 3, 2010

I’ve written about a permanent chastity belt before. Well, not strictly true, but I have written about would if I could. Enforced male chastity, that is.

But it’s worth looking at it again as a thought experiment.

We all know there is no such thing as a permanent chastity belt. That, along with the notion of forced chastity, and the old “my wife will leave me if I unlock my dick” bullshit is one of the Big Three Myths of the kink.

In some sense any belt is a permanent chastity belt if you wear it all the time. But it’s not much fun thinking about that,because it’s what some of us do anyway. Even John, the arch-cyclist is in his Tollyboy 23 hours a day out of 24 most days.

But no… I’m talking about a real permanent chastity belt, a truly permanent chastity belt you couldn’t take off if you wanted to.

As far as I see it…

A Permanent Chastity Belt Presents Us  with Two Alternatives

We can either have…

  1. A permanent chastity belt we can’t remove; or
  2. A permanent chastity belt we won’t remove because of dire consequences if we do.

The first of these we can discount immediately in the sense there’s no such thing as a permanent chastity belt because there’s no such thing as a material we can’t cut. Stainless steel is child’s play.

So’s titanium.

Diamond? Tungsten carbide?


They’re all tough and some would be very difficult to cut indeed, but they can’t be used to make a permanent chastity belt because we can cut and shape them all. It’s hard to see how any material that can be worked cannot then be cut (even if only by a blade of the same material).

So we can forget that for a permanent chastity belt (but not entirely… we’ll come back to it).

The second one… well, the common bullshit story we hear is so and so’s wife will divorce him if he takes the permanent chastity belt off.

Yeah, right. Anyone married to a bitch like that should be glad of the opportunity to dispense with her and her permanent chastity belt.

No, what we’d need is to have to lose something we valued very much by taking off the permanent chastity belt (and it’s hard to imagine you’d value a wife like that, right?).

So… maybe taking off the permanent chastity belt kills you. Again, it’s hard to see how that would function without the risk of it triggering accidentally.

OK, so maybe if you take the permanent chastity belt off, then someone else kills you.

Hmm. Better. But then you could just run away. Or kill that person first and then take off your permanent chastity belt.

As you can see… a permanent chastity belt is a bit of a problem, isn’t it?

Now if you’ve read this far you might wonder where the hell I’m going with this talk of a permanent chastity belt, and thinking I’ve lost the plot.

But no, John and I were talking about a permanent chastity belt because it’s something I need for my first fictional male chastity story. See, what I needed was…

A Real Permanent Chastity Belt the Man Wouldn't take off for Fear of Terrible Retribution.

In the end what we came up with was a permenent chastity belt like a tag they use for offenders that alerts someone when it’s cut; either that, or they’d have good reason to report for inspection of the permanent chastity belt every couple of weeks on pain of the aforementioned terrible retribution (remember it’s got to be something they value highly but something that can be legally withdrawn).

We cracked that little nut, as well ;-).

The really amusing thing is this… all the talk of a permanent chastity belt got John as horny as a fucking goat (such a shame he’s locked and I kept him in it when all he really wanted was some T&D).

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