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Live the Male Chastity Lifestyle You Crave

Sarah Jameson

If you’re looking for information about strict male chastity within a loving relationship, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Here’s how it works: male chastity is a consensual act where a man willingly foregoes his orgasms and puts the decision about when, how, where and even if he’s allowed to orgasm in his partner’s hands.

It’s not something that’s done to him; it’s something that’s done with him. And it’s done with the pleasure and satisfaction of you both in mind.

The ultimate result for loving couples is a closer more emotionally and physically intimate relationship, where they typically enjoy more sexual activity rather than less.

Sound like fun to you?


Because it is fun. In fact, I can safely say male chastity is probably the best thing that’s ever happened in my marriage, after getting married to John in the first place, of course.

But one of the toughest things about it all is finding real information on the topic. Yes, there are plenty of blogs and forums out there, that’s true… but the majority of them are written by men who are living their fantasies online rather than in real life (and many of the blogs supposedly written by women are written by men, too; and many of those that aren’t are written by women who seek to titillate men). The upshot is there are very few places where you can find sane, sensible andrealistic information about serious male chastity.

Happily for you, this blog is one of those places.

What Other People Say About the Male Chastity Blog

Thank you for finally showing me the way to get what I want.” — M.M.

I just want to say that in the time I have been reading your writing — with the Mistress sometimes looking over the shoulder — we have been impressed with what is said. Good homely down to earth realism.” — R.F.

Sarah, many thanks for your refreshingly practical and down to earth writings on this topic.” — S.

I really appreciate the time and thought you have put into this subject.  You have done a marvelous job.  So marvelous, in fact, that if I end up following through with this, it will have been your thought provoking essays that made the difference and took away so many potential future orgasms.” — T.D.

Thank you for putting together your publications and website and a big thumbs up here in Norwich UK from me.” — Stephen.

About Me, Sarah Jameson

Sarah is my real name. And John is my husband’s real name, too.

Other than that we value our privacy, not least because John and I run our own business, and for professional reasons we want to keep our sex-life separate from our business life insofar as we can. Plus, there are a lot of weirdos, creeps and, frankly, unpleasant people out there who are variously sexually unstable, aggressive and threatening, and even just plain… creepy.

We’re a nor­mal and very hap­pily mar­ried couple (although our being happy per­haps itself makes us not that nor­mal), with one major dif­fer­ence: John is locked, by his own con­sent, in a Lori #2C.

In the early days of our journey into male chastity I would allow him orgasms every three months or so, when we’d have “Chastity Honeymoons”, where we’d make love and he’d be allowed to orgasm how and when he wanted to.

But between New Year’s Eve 2010 and New Year’s Day 2012, John didn’t orgasm at all. Not once. A whole year’s orgasm denial, in other words.

That was pretty amazing for both of us.

And now?

We’re seriously thinking about aiming for permanent orgasm denial for John, beginning some time in mid- to late-2012.

If you’re not into the male chastity “scene” your­self, then you might find this just a little strange. You might even be temp­ted to think he’s some kind of “sissy”, or some­how less manly because of it.

Noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. He’s strong, assert­ive, con­fid­ent sexy and alto­gether manly and masculine.

By the same token, I’m not some fire-breathing, leather-clad über-Dominatrix who calls him a “worth­less slave” and treats him like dirt. I have to ask myself why any woman keeps her man around if he’s truly worthless.

Oh, I know some men like that kind of thing, and I’m not mak­ing a value-judgment either way. My only com­ment really is it’s not for us and we’re into what you might call vanilla chastity. We are not into D&S and my “control” of John does not extend beyond consensual male chastity.

And the reason for this chastity blog?

When we first star­ted get­ting into it, some years ago now, we had a hard time find­ing any­thing which catered exclus­ively for male chastity without going into all the other female-domination top­ics, too.

So I finally plucked up the cour­age to start my own little corner of the Internet. And it wasn’t long before readers were clamouring for something more substantial than the blog alone, so I put together Why He Wants You to Say NO! a free Guide to male chastity, and How To Drive Your Man Insane With Desire, an erotic, explicit, no-holds-barred introduction to Tease and Denial.

They’re both FREE, and you can get them simply by leaving your details below and clicking the button: