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NEW: Tatiana... Now Available as an MP3

Strict male chastity and orgasm denial enforced by Dominant woman who seduces her man into it almost against his will… leading him inexorably to a fate he fears yet cannot resist.
male chastity story - tatiana

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 Enslaved by a Beautiful Russian Billionaire's Daughter

Tatiana. Enigma. Exotic beauty. Rich far beyond the dreams of avarice. Maneater. But this doesn’t deter the man she names “Igrushka” — ‘Plaything’ in her native tongue — who makes a brazen approach when he first sets eyes on her at the party on her father’s luxury yacht.

Yet this time… perhaps he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and the mysterious Tatiana begins to spin her web of irresistible desire, orgasm control and mind-bending tease and denial, ever drawing him further in like a moth drawn to a candle-flame… to a doom he cannot resist yet knows he cannot bear.

Ultimately she seeks one thing — utter male submission and surrender, to own him as a true male slave. His orgasm is hers to control and ultimately deny… and despite his begging and pleading, she is implacable.

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