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Can NLP Make My Man Accept Chastity?

by Sarah on September 24, 2011

nlp chastity

Something a bit different today. I like getting questions like this, because they make a change from usual stuff (some of which is, I have to say, utter nonsense).

Davinia wanted to know: “Can I use NLP to make my husband chaste?

I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.

Just in case you don’t know,  NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is often touted as giving us access to the brain’s “operating system”.

It’s a nice idea, but as often the case with these cult-like “technologies” the truth is something less remarkable. Much of it is just New Age hocus-pocus, bordering on religious zealotry.

nlp chastity image

Look into my eyes… and hand me your wallet”

NLP is useful to some people, no doubt. But many of the claims made about it are similar to the claims made about male chastity: bullshit.

There’s an excellent commentary on it here:

Whenever I write about anything like this, I always get a flood of indignant emails saying, in effect, “well, it worked for ME!”.

Yeah, maybe. But personal anecdote isn’t evidence, so please, don’t bother.

What seems to be the case is NLP “works” on people in seminars who want it to work so they can go out and sell their own training to other who also want it to work.

Much like male chastity (again) it seems there’s a lot of role-play involved.

John and I know more about NLP and come across it far more often in our business than you might expect, and it seems to boil down to baloney in the main.

We’ve met people who claim to be able to “compel” people to do all sorts of things with the power of NLP; but if that was the case, why don’t they just “compel” Richard Branson to give them a million pounds instead of selling £200 NLP training courses?

Perhaps because Richard Branson doesn’t want to believe NLP is going to make him into some kind of Jedi mind-control warrior?

Who knows?

But all that said, if your husband is a willing participant (he wants to role play) and you can get him to engage his emotions, then there’s every chance it will “work”.

There is definitely something to be said for leading people with their emotions for the purposes of persuasion, but it comes down to giving you a small advantage over not using it — it does NOT raise your chances to 100% or anywhere even close, much as the NLP gurus would have you believe.

So, no. You can’t use NLP to “make” your husband chaste. But it may help, especially if he’s willing to play along.

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