Chastity and 7 Reasons You're Still Single (Oh, Puh-lease)

by Sarah on April 15, 2011

Tangentially to chastity and somewhat related to my mentioning the so-called sexiest woman, someone sent me this gem, 7 Reasons You’re Still Single.


It all clearly touched a nerve with someone I’ve corresponded with occasionally and who finds himself single and looking for that elusive wannabe-keyholder to “force” him into the chastity he craves.

Now, I don’t pretend to know The Answer, and I suspect there probably isn’t one, but it does seem to me it’s going to be much easier to screen your potential partners for your fantasy upfront than to fall in love and then find out the idea disgusts her.

I’ve talked to John about this at length, and he draws some interesting parallels between the men who resolutely will NOT bring these things up early on and some of his own clients.

In their case, they’ll go to all the time and trouble of creating products which may or may not be accepted by the market, rather than go through the effort of doing some research first.

He surmises it’s because they don’t want to face disappointment and so put it off for as long as they can — and while they’re creating these potentially unwanted products, they can fool themselves they’re making real progress.

I never thought about it that way, but I think he has a point.

Chastity is a Burning Desire for Some Men

In the case of male chastity, there’s no excuse. There are many forums out there where you can “meet” people, and one particularly good one recommended to me is Informed Consent. The site caters for all sorts and it’s been around for a long time. All I can say is you need to be patient — there are clearly more men out there seeking it than women. Not only that, but most women have no clue about it — it’s one of those things they might like if they tried, but it wouldn’t actually occur to them in a million years.

So it’s incumbent on you to bring it to her attention.

And there’s also NO excuse for not knowing how to approach the subject with a woman or for not understanding what male chastity is and what it most definitely is not, because I wrote Be Careful What You Wish For to help people navigate their way through the minefield.

I will say, just to mollify the hard of thinking, I don’t think it’s wise to base your entire relationship on your fetish because the reality of male chastity is much different from the fantasy; but if it’s that important to you, then it’s perfectly reasonable to say to someone, “for me, strict male chastity is necessary but not sufficient for any serious relationship”.

Too many lives have been lived miserably by men and women who settle for second best and spend the rest of their lives hoping, wishing, and even praying their mate will somehow “change”.

It does happen, but not often. Regression to the mean, is, I’m afraid, a fundamental human trait.

If you don't ask for male chastity from the outset, the chances you won't get it are much higher

So start out as you mean to go on, and ignore me at your peril.


The desire for male chastity just ain’t gonna go away for some men.

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