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Chastity: Could It Save This Man's Life?

by Sarah on May 5, 2011

I don’t tend to get too sentimental about things in the news — not that chastity ever really is — but this is quite remarkable.

Forrest and Rose marrying on Forrest’s 100th birthday (Rose is a positively youthful 93 by comparison).


Chastity She Devil…

I’m sorry… I know this makes me wicked and evil and means I’m probably gong to hell… but I can’t help myself from thinking (and now sharing with you), that Forrest is likely to live a lot longer still… if she doesn’t let him have an orgasm.

I reckon having one at his age could be fatal ;-). What a way to go, though… what a way to go. She could keep him in strict chastity for his last year and then send  him on his way with an almighty bang.


I told you male chastity had a lot of benefits!

But, seriously, it’s a warming story, what with all the doom and gloom we read and see every day. All power to them. They certainly look happy.

It does raise an interesting question, though: how long will we play this game?

How long will any of us play it? It’s easy to look think decades ahead and find it impossible to imagine doing it when you’re 80, but inside I still feel 16 and I I have no reason to expect that to change.

Why should we stop playing kinky games just because our bodies get old?

And, as more than a few older men have said to me, they’ve found male chastity has actually been a boost to their sex-lives, because it frees them from the worry and concern of “performance anxiety”.

A few younger men find it does the same, although their concern is less one of biology but rather one of technique — they come too quickly, they feel, and get the impression their partners are unfulfilled.

Truly, there's a lot MORE to male chastity than just a cage around the family silver

I know I bang on about this a lot, but it’s really not about the device.

And it’s not even about orgasm denial, per se, not for most men and women, anyway. The couples who have the most success with male chastity, it seems, are those who see it as just one more way to add fun, pleasure and intimacy to their lives.

It’s NOT life itself — and if you go into it thinking it is going to be, I suspect you’re going to be very disappointed.

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Lori Lancer from said, “I think your writing is the best I have seen”.

And if anyone should know, then I think after 20 years in the chastity lifestyle she should, yes?

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