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Chastity Humiliation: Why Do We Mock the Men We Love?

by Sarah on September 8, 2011

On the subject of chastity humiliation, there’s brilliant article here, titled ““

This ought to be essential reading for a good number of the women and men I come into contact with pretty much every day as part of my work here on the Male Chastity Blog, because it seems chastity humiliation and the general denigration of men go hand in hand symptoms of weed hangover.

I showed it to John, and, interestingly, he did the same thing I did: mentally made notes and concluded we don’t do anything like what’s described there. In fact, for the complete avoidance of any doubt whatsoever…

Chastity Humiliation is NOT Something I Am Into

I wouldn’t dream of being disrespectful or contemptuous of John to other women, or, indeed, at all. And by extension chastity humiliation has no interest for me.

Sure, he’s got his own little idiosyncrasies, the  same as we all have, but they’re not a measure of his worth as a human being, even if I can’t understand or fathom some of them (and some of them are downright irritating at times!).

Something else that came out of this article is the way we women often deride our men’s efforts to make a living but expect the money regardless (we want to have our cake and to eat it, it seems).

This is one reason I find those women who want “tributes” and write about “financial slavery” quite the most repugnant creatures ever to have been spawned; that said, if men go into it willingly, then that’s their business. Same with chastity humiliation.

Advice on Chastity Humiliation

I get emails quite frequently from women who ask me for tips on chastity humiliation for their men.

Some of them are, I suspect, just men looking for a cheap thrill, but others really are women who want to subject their men to what I consider to be abuse.

From reading as widely as I have on the net, I really get the feeling many of the women out there who post about their so-called “superiority” are really just bitter and twisted with deeply low self-esteem. Few of them have much of substance to say – even the ones who are literate puff up their writing with pompous verbiage to give it a veneer of intellectual credibility.

Fact is, though, they can’t dredge up an ounce of objective, reproducible evidence to demonstrate they’re superior in any way at all. Simply saying it, even if some men agree, doesn’t make it true.

This is all something people have a really hard time understanding, that you can play the male chastity game, even to the strictest extremes and not have it spill over into anything more than that — a fun game where the man’s orgasms are restricted denied, even perhaps permanently. Chastity humiliation is a whole different dynamic and is only superficially similar, rather like the colour of fine whiskey and dog piss.

People often ask me about chastity humiliation and femdom and why I care. I don’t. It’s none of my business unless you ask my opinion, or invite comment by making stupid, inane statements of “fact”, like chastity humiliation and abuse are a man’s deserved lot in life.

I have no quarrel with them if chastity humiliation something they both enjoy; but, please, leave me out of it. I get no pleasure or satisfaction from elevating myself by standing on top of another, and have no desire to bandy emails back and forth about the topic. I’m no more against chastity humiliation between consenting couples than I am against Marmite and toothpaste sandwiches. They’re just not for me.

That’s the flavour of  my free Guide, — and while I do have other more “edgy” publications in the pipeline, this really is for you if Vanilla Chastity is your kind of thing. But chastity humiliation is definitely not on my agenda.

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