Could Male Chastity Be the Answer?

by Sarah on March 1, 2011

Someone rather keen on male chastity sent me this link today cannabis hangover cure.

And while on the surface it tells us nothing we don’t already know, I can’t help but feel they’ve missed the point somewhat.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Researchers have embarked on a project to follow the lives of 40,000 British households to establish what makes us happy.

Its initial findings show the happiest couples are married, childless and educated to degree level. The man is also in employment and the couple are less than five years into their relationship.

Tired of matrimony: Research has said married women grow to resent their husbands for not pulling their weight

Strikingly, after this point happiness levels tail off, with a steeper decline for women than for men.

Relationship experts believe this is because women do more to maintain the relationship than men by looking after the home and remembering important dates such as relatives’ birthdays. While women do not mind this in the first flush of love, they grow to resent their husbands for not pulling their weight.

So, what can we make of this?

Well, my correspondent was very gung-ho about it and, femdom fan he is said it was “proof” men “need” the “loving authority” of a woman and the people who say it’s “all the man’s fault” are right.

And no, it isn’t. What it might be is evidence that men pay little attention to things they’re not interested in, whereas women pay more attention to them for the sake of everyone getting on. In other words, you can’t blame a man for living true to his nature, a nature that’s evolved over millions of years.

For example women tend to remember birthdays because it’s important for them to do so, even if the person whose birthday it is doesn’t care one way or the other (like most men of my acquaintance don’t).

Or perhaps it’s just evidence that the women in the survey are screeching harpies who expect things all their own way.

Who knows? Just one reason I can’t stand fatuous articles in low-brow newspapers read by morons.

Another gripe I have is with the bland comment near the end:

But all too often this isn’t the case and the woman does the lion’s share. Men get comfortable in a relationship and forget that women need romance.’

And men need hot gorilla porn-star style sex, or so it seems, yet if someone was to castigate women for not giving it to them even though it’s not high on their agenda, the feminist twits would be all a‑flutter.

Truth is, both men and women get comfortable in relationships and both of them stop putting in the effort to give the other what they want. But it’s not PC to criticise women, and it’s much easier and safer to blame it all on men (and it also caters to the sissy-types, too, I suppose).

But all that said…

Male Chastity Could Help

See, even if we don’t agree on the causes I think most of us who’ve tried it for any length of time understand male chastity  can help alleviate and avoid this kind of thing, because it does tend to focus each of you on the other.

I don’t think there’s any doubt about this at all, with the caveat if your relationship is not sound, then male chastity won’t suddenly make it so.

In fact, one way of putting it is to say women get a more male outlook on the relationship, and men get a more female outlook on the relationship – in other words, they tend to meet in the middle, do more for each other and all the other wonderful things men and women who play serious long-term male chastity get to experience.

I’m often asked about the numbers of men and women playing at male chastity…

… and I really have no idea. I know this blog gets over 25,000 new and  unique visitors a month, and this is just one corner of the male chastity osphere (to coin a stupid phrase).

Bottom line is it’s much more popular than I think any of us suspect, and it can only become moreso as more and more people get on line and start looking for it.

Whatever: I DO know male chastity can be a wonderful thing for a marriage, and one of my aims is to make it as popular as I possibly can until it’s as common and unremarkable as condoms and cohabitation are today (both of which were seriously frowned  upon when I was a child).

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