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Cuckold Me! Priority Notification

Experience the Cuckold Lifestyle You Crave

Hi, it’s Sarah here,

And I have a very special “something” for you, if you’re the right kind of person and you’re serious about the cuckolding lifestyle.

But first, I want to put you off, if I possibly can.

Cuckold Me! is NOT for you if:

  1. You think cuckolding is something that can be done to you rather than with you.
  2. You’re unwilling to ever approach your partner about the subject and have a full, frank and adult conversation about what you want out of life and your relationship.
  3. You’re not willing to listen to new ways of thinking about cuckolding and perhaps throw out the “common wisdom” that “everyone knows”.

On the other hand if cuckolding is something you truly crave, and you’d give almost anything to watch your Beloved with another man, perhaps even for the rest of your life, then you are exactly the kind of person I want to refer to NookieNotes for inclusion in her course.

So, to get on the Priority Notification List, just leave your details below, click the button and… I’ll see you on the Inside!

What Is Cuckold Me!?

CuckMe is the ultimate guide to everything cuckolding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, or dating…or if you are male or female, this course is for you. If you’ve had an interest in cuckolding but have yet to “take the leap,” then this course has been created just for you.

Or maybe you’ve already taken your first step, but you’re worried about doing the wrong thing, this guide is ALSO for you!

Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

meme2There are countless myths out there about cuckolding. For every one truth, there are hundreds of internet memes promoting fantasy, instead of reality.

Why not get the best information directly from the people who live this lifestyle every day, and who have done the research for you?

Rarely has this subject been covered in such depth and exploration as it has in the breakthrough course, “Cuckold Me”.

This class is 100% dedicated to the amazing intimacy, sexiness, and creativity involved in the cuckolding lifestyle. It’s made for men, women, and couple, who want to explore cuckolding and everything it has to offer.

Here’s How This Online Course Works:

lessons2Cuckold Me is created for singles and couples. There are two separate lessons tracks:

  • The Master Lessons: 69 lessons for cuckolds and cuckoldresses
  • Her Lessons: 30 Lessons for cuckoldresses

When you register, you’ll get immediate access to the Master lessons for one email address. Once you’ve gained access and logged in, you’ll find the instructions on registering your second address.

You’ll just give NookieNotes a bit of information about which email is the cuckold and which is the cuckoldress, and she’ll make sure you have access to the right lessons.

Here’s the catch…
Nookie’s course is still in testing. In fact, she will only have a limited number of her customers in the online learning center and YOU. And everyone who is in Cuckold Me! then will have their membership and access to all of the lessons and resources, no matter how high the cost rises in the future (and she’s giving you (my customers) a HUGE discount to get started, because she trusts me to send her high-quality students.

I’m still putting together the deal and hammering out the final details with NookieNotes, but I can tell you this, it’s an amazing package.

So, to get on the Priority Notification List, just leave your details below, click the button and… watch for your special email!

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