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Cuckolding, Never Say Never

by Sarah on February 9, 2015

A question I was asked some time ago from RJ:

On cuckolding my only concern with what you wrote was when you say ‘never say never’. I realise of course your view is just that, your view, but personally I can say quite definitely it will never happen in my marriage. I don’t mean to criticise at all. I’m just curious as to how you can say that while at the same time saying your man is everything you want and you love him to death?”

I said “never say never” for two reasons:

First, we genuinely can’t see the future. We change. John used to hate red wine and be in favour of the death penalty; now he loves Merlot and thinks the death penalty is wrong. We might be sure what we say now is true, but it might not ALWAYS be true. I do admit, I can’t begin to imagine cuckolding John. But in 20 years’ time it’s POSSIBLE I’ll see it differently, regardless of how UNLIKELY it is should marijuana be legalized pros and cons testtest.

The second, and most important reason I said it is if I hadn’t some idiot would have been bound to have been writing comments like “yeah but… you might change your mind”, “yeah but…”, “yeah but…”. By putting it out there upfront, it stops them doing that ;-).

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx

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