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Do You Enjoy Male Chastity?

by Sarah on July 7, 2010

Simple questions are not always what they appear: “do you still enjoy male chastity?” is one of them.

If you ask most people if they enjoy what they do, with the possible exception of their work, they’ll tell you “yes” without even thinking about it.

But I’m not sure how true this really is – I think a great many people spend a great deal of their lives unhappy: wrong job, living in the wrong place, overweight, and oh-so-very-often even the wrong partner.

To quote Thoreau: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation

How very true.

But to answer the question mindfully: yes, I do. I love it. In fact, I probably enjoy it more now than ever before. Here are a few reasons why:

I’m not going to go into all the sex and relationship stuff again, other than to say it all gets better and better from all angles. Despite our 2 ½ or more years experience of male chastity, we’re obviously still learning new things every day (and on reflection, that’s another thing I like about it).

Still a few teething problems with the Tollyboy, and at the moment John doesn’t have a lot of time to put into fixing them because business is hectic at the moment, which is in all respects A Good Thing.

Running your own business has both advantages and disadvantages. Well, actually, personally I can think of only one disadvantage, and that’s you don’t necessarily get a regular salary. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

On balance, though, that’s fine. We can take time off more or less when we want to and if the weather’s nice, John lies out in the garden or takes the bike out for a 3‑hour ride while all the wage-slaves are beavering away in their stuffy little cubicles.

But, I digress.

I love writing about male chastity. I’ve said this before, but it bears saying again. Our working for ourselves means we can pretty much organise the business any way we like – and John has taken a lot of my workload so I can do this. Writing about it is fun, but even better than that writing about it forces me to think about it.

Better yet: while a lot of the questions I get are ridiculous and I ignore a good portion of them (I get all sorts of odd questions and requests about male chastity and all the things associated with it – the creepiest are from “women” who turn out to be men, and really just want me to “swap ideas” so they can get a cheap thrill. To my chagrin, it took me a while to cotton on to that one); but some of them are real gems and they open up all manner of new thinking and possibilities – to wit, the older gentleman who wrote to me about erectile dysfunction. That would never have occurred to me had I not started the ball rolling and created this Blog.

I think one of the things we do to stop male chastity from becoming boring and a chore is, like the spirit of my answers above, we keep it all mindful.

It is just a game. It’s an enjoyable part of our lives, and not even the major part. We take it seriously, but we’re no solemn about it and there’s no angst, worry, fear or compulsion. A common sentiment expressed by newbies in particular is they wonder, “what have I got myself into?”.

Well, some of this is probably just silly hype from keyboard-jockeys, and the rest is, I think, a fundamental lack of understanding that it really is a game and there’s nothing to stop you opening your mouth and telling your partner what’s happening or about to happen isn’t OK with you.

Relax, people. Male chastity is just a kinky game, qualitatively no different from a bit of gentle teasing. Differences are in style, not substance.

Moreover, it’s not like hacking off a limb or poking out an eye: you can stop if it doesn’t suit you and go back to how you were, orgasming as free as the birds (to coin a phrase). Simple as that.

So yes, I still enjoy it. If I didn’t, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t carry on with it, would we?

P.S. I’m glad to see the Male Chastity Forum is back up, even if it’s taking its sweet time to get going again. I used to read it from time to time and while it had its fair share of liars and fantasists, it was pretty good at times, too. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too ridiculous in its new incarnation (and it can only be as good as the members make it!).

And Chastity Mansion is OK, too, although a little too full of sissies and subs for my own taste – submissive, curtseying men in frills, stockings and heels is just plain icky to me ;-).

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