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Does Male Chastity Ever End?

by Sarah on April 13, 2010

A puzzle for you what do you do when he wants to end male chastity?

I don’t mean when he wants to be let out to orgasm, but if he decides the reality isn’t quite what the fantasy promised to be… and he wants to go back to “normal” life?

The reason I ask this is a recent email exchange with a reader of this blog included an enigmatic and slightly mysterious passage saying, “I spent most of my time locked, but now it’s something we steer clear of”.

He didn’t elaborate and I didn’t want to press him, but it did get me thinking… what happens if one of you changes your mind?

It’s interesting to me because most of the posts I see on forums worry about the opposite: it’s usually men asking the question and what they want to know is “how do I get my wife interested in male chastity?

But I don’t recall ever seeing it the other way around.

Yes, there’s always the silly and fanciful stuff we’ve done to death here and over on Vanilla Edge, and I know with some couples the whole thing waxes and wanes with the seasons, work and other life-commitments and indeed with each other’s ardour, but I genuinely cannot recall seeing a single instance of someone saying they wanted to end the whole game.

And thinking about that made me realise what a dangerous game it could be for some. We’ve all heard and no-doubt used the expression “be careful what you wish for” but this takes it to a whole new level.

For my own part, I know if John changed his mind and really, deeply, truly said he didn’t want to play this game any more, I’d be extremely disappointed and it would in truth take some getting over.

Simply put, I love it. I love the way he reacts; I love all the attention I get and the incredible lovemaking; especially on the “free weekends” when I eventually allow him to orgasm.

I love teasing him and seeing the sheer ecstasy on his face… I love all of it.

And then to imagine having it all stop. If I had to choose one or the other – male chastity or John – I’d choose John, no question. But it’d be giving up a hell of a lot, and I can’t help but think it would be bound to affect the relationship as a whole.

And then there’s the other side of the coin… what about if the woman wants it to stop but her man is finally living the fantasy he’s been drooling over for the past who knows how long? Imagine she’s cuckolding him and likes her new fuckbuddy so much she simply doesn’t care about teasing, denial or male chastity any more at all.

Sitting here now late at night, just waiting to slip upstairs and dive into the shower before having my wicked way with my darling and unsuspecting hubby (he has a free weekend coming up in the not-too-distant future, the lucky man), it’s hard to imagine what all that would feel like.

Cold, distant… thoroughly unpleasant for sure.

Kind of makes me realise how lucky I am – and we both are. And, indeed, how lucky is everyone reading this who’s getting what they want, whichever side of the lock they’re on. Male chastity really does have to be one of the most amazing things to happen between a man and a woman.

Still, as I said up top: be careful what you wish for.

Because not only might you get it… but you might have it taken away too.

G’night, everyone.

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