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Does Male Chastity Get Boring?

by Sarah on December 8, 2010

There’s good news and better news, not least that John is less busy and well again so I can once more focus on his male chastity (and make up for some lost time) защита кожи летом.

Which is uncannily good timing because the news in from Ms. Lori is John’s new #12C is in the post and winging its way across the Atlantic.

And I can’t wait.

John’s not been in the Tollyboy much for the last month for several reasons – he’s not only gone and lost more weight around his middle, but the self-defence thing and his being poorly made it all too much hassle .

Still that’s not to say he got to come, of course… and he won’t be doing until Christmas (a good reminder, if one was needed, that male chastity is not about the device, except in a small number of cases – and then you invariably find the woman isn’t as interested as she might be).

Even so, in the New Year I feel prompted to aim once more for the full year of male chastity and orgasm denial we were trying for before, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s get the #12C on and adjusted to, first.

Now, this leads me on nicely to a question about male chastity from “Alice” last week, who wanted to know…

Does Male Chastity Gets Boring?

And is that why so many men in male chastity want their wives to cuckold them – because they don’t want them to get bored.

Well, maybe. I don’t know and couldn’t know without actually surveying them, but it does seem to me to go a long way beyond mere kind-heartedness on the part of our men. In fact, I’d say that’s often just their way or rationalising their deeply emotionally charged fantasy of seeing their women with another man.

Fact is, pretty much everyone who writes to me or posts on the Male Chastity Lifestyle group says the same thing: at first their wives were unsure; then excited; and finally started to lead the whole male chastity thing. That’s what happened with me and John, for sure, but I hasten to add it’s not universal (as Dev of will tell you).

Cuckolding is, to many, a natural extension of male chastity, although it’s definitely not inevitable and certainly isn’t necessary or even desirable for the vast majority, perhaps.

Let me repeat:

Male chastity is to the vast majority NOT about sex, per se

Male chastity is overwhelmingly more about increasing the feelings of intimacy between couples and that includes physical intimacy but isn’t just physical intimacy.

That said, I’ve been corresponding with a lady in Scotland who’s a fan of male chastity and deeply into cuckolding and has been for a long time. I’m amazed at what she’s shared with me and while it’s been a bit of an eye opener at times, it’s also confirmed much of what I’ve said: cuckolding is a minefield. More on this soon from the Lady Up North.

But in the meantime, and the reason I’m sharing this with you now, is to impress upon you cuckolding is no more a prerequisite for a “proper” male chastity lifestyle than, say, whipped cream is for a “proper” dessert – it’s all a matter of personal taste.

Finally, to everyone who’s emailed asking about newsletters and the Tuesday Tease and why I’ve been so quiet.

I decided to split them over several days rather than just one long email a week, simply because it became unmanageable.

Sadly, the more frequent emails also had to take second place to real life – work and John’s being ill (he really does need a holiday, and I’m thinking of packing him off to Florida for a week in February).

We’re winding down work-wise for Christmas, though, so it’ll give me a chance to catch up with all the stuff I’m behind on, not least the male chastity blog.

Which reminds me (and finally finally) I’ll be bringing out a hard-copy multimedia version of in the New Year. I had hoped to get it done for Christmas, but while I could get it to the printers, I doubt it would be delivered in time.

So I’m afraid the renowned ultimate guide to male chastity is still PDF and MP3 only ;-).

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