Does This Make You Worry and Fret about Male Chastity?

by Sarah on September 15, 2010

Do you ever wonder about other people’s lives in male chastity?

I do.

It’s not the case that I worry about them as some people seem to do, but I can’t help having this prurient little corner of myself dwelling on it all. I guess that’s what comes from thinking and writing about male chastity every day for the last five months.

But I want to draw a distinction here between wondering and worrying (for want of a better word) about male chastity. I do think the truth is important, just for the sake of knowing it, and that’s one reason I’m so adamant about calling “bullshit” on people’s stories.

I’m in something of a privileged position in that I get a constant stream of emails from men and women (in a ratio of about 10 to 1 weighted towards the men) about, well… about virtually every subject in any way connected, associated or included in male chastity.

As you’d expect the 80/20 rule applies and the majority of the emails are mostly about a small number of themes from people reading my free male chastity guide. It’s tiresome and I’ve done my best to avoid it, with some success, but one of the most common themes is men telling me about their degrading lifestyle at the hands of their dominant wives or girlfriends with a call for “help” or “advice”. I rarely even bother to acknowledge these, let alone offer help – because what they’re really after is titillation.

Another common ploy is to begin with, “I hope to buy your book soon, but in the meantime…” and then ask me a question.

Well, I’m sorry but the place for that discussion is on the Male Chastity Lifestyle discussion Group, and that’s for BCWYWF members only. I “hope” to confirm your membership of that after your “hope” of buying the book has become a reality. I’m not being an arse about this, but I have only so many hours in the day and the people who’ve been kind enough to get my book are the ones who get my attention, either on the group or personally if they email me off list.

And then, of course, I get the very rare ones, the unusual themes.

And One of Them Dropped into My Inbox This Morning from Someone Who Decided He Didn’t Want to Receive the Male Chastity Guide, Newsletter and Tuesday Tease Any More.

He said:

This woman’s musings are utter drivel, and are in no way consistent with what goes on in the real world.”

It might surprise you, but I find this more amusing than anything else and I certainly haven’t dignified it with a direct response.


Because there’s no point.

In the same way the Chastity Taliban like to tell me and others how things “should”, “ought”, and “must” be, this bozo is trying to tell me how it “shouldn’t”, “oughtn’t”, “mustn’t” and presumably “can’t” be.

And there’s no way to prove to him or anyone else what goes on in my life or, indeed in anyone else’s. It’s another one of those statements people make that cannot possibly proven wrong, like “you’re submissive but denying it to yourself and your partner”.

I, Thumper, Tom Allen, Dev, the dozens of people on the Male Chastity Forum and the many hundreds and thousands on various other sane and sensible forums actually do live this way with male chastity inj our lives. We don’t always agree on everything and we’ve all got our personal preferences likes and dislikes – but the common theme is one of rationality, sanity, and common sense.

What this poor fellow is actually looking for, and why he felt the need to email me personally to tell me he hadn’t found it, I really don’t know.

So I Wish Him Well in His Search for 'Real' Male Chastity

Lord alone knows what that means to him, although I suspect he’ll never find it.

John looked this over before I posted it and added the comment this chap is like what are often called the “naysayers” in the business world, the prospective clients who come to him for advice but then preface everything they say in response to it with “Yes, but…”.

This is a clear indication they don’t want advice – they want approval. And John quickly winnows them out.

In a similar way, I suspect this chap has a fixed model, a script, if you like, running in his head about what male chastity is, what it means, how it’s conducted and all the rest.

It’s frustrating in some ways because it suggests to me he is perhaps among those who see male chastity as an end in itself rather than a means to an end – that end being for most people, increased physical and emotional intimacy, an improved relationship and a generally happier life.

I kind of feel sorry for him and his negativity. I’m not being a Pollyanna here, and healthy scepticism is always, well, healthy. But a blank refusal to accept what’s before your eyes is really rather sad.

Male chastity is fun and serious and I just wish people wouldn’t be so damned solemn and uptight about it.

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