Forced Chastity after the Honeymoon

by Sarah on October 28, 2010

So, it’s done – he’s had his ‘honeymoon’ and it’s back to ‘forced chastity’ again until Christmas.

Was it worth it?

Lord, yes. By the time I let him come he was climbing the walls and howling like a banshee, lol.

Interestingly, though, this is what makes the difference between forced chastity as some kind of control and it as being a tool or something taking a part in a wider context.

In other words…

Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial and the illusion of “Forced Chastity” as Means to an End

Rather than an ends in themselves.

And the end to which I’m referring?

Making John come so slowly and dramatically after such a long time, of course.

I confess – I’ve really missed it, even though his actual period of denial wasn’t much longer than he’s endured before. It just seemed like longer because we were geared up for something a little more challenging (and writing and thinking day in day out about male chastity makes the whole thing more top of consciousness).

And by being wrapped up in the chastity, I’d forgotten how awesome it can be for a woman to make her man orgasm (which answers one of the questions people who just don’t “get it” often ask: “why does your man want to miss out on orgasms?”. And of course he doesn’t and they don’t: they want to savour them).

The Paradox of Forced Chastity

One thing that has become clear from some recent correspondence with readers is the illusion of “forced chastityworks best when you have the most agreement upfront.

That’s the paradox.

forced chastity

Forced chastity… or just a lot of fun?

The more you both understand what’s acceptable to and from each of you, the more you can both relax and settle into the game because the limits have been worked out ahead of time. My, communication again. How odd.

But, really, we ought not be surprised, because despite stories and claims to the contrary, men not only “put up with” chastity but most of them embrace it.

This hadn’t struck home quite so firmly until John was begging me on his “honeymoon”, not to let him come. And I ignored him, of course ;-). Sarah Decides, remember?

So, what next?

Well, it’s denial until Christmas and then I’ll think again. I’d still like to go for that full year of denial for him, but after last weekend, I’m not sure I could do without a man coming for that long.

What do YOU think about forced chastity?

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