Forced Male Chastity and an Even More Exquisite Alternative

by Sarah on May 12, 2010

The notion of Forced Male Chastity rears its funny little head again in one of the recent comments on the Blog, where one commentator apparently keeps her husband locked away in forced male chastity under pain of “kicking him out” if he doesn’t do as he’s told.

It seems his acceding to this,“request” of forced male chastity is somehow “proof” he loves her.

Whether this scenario of forced male chastity is actually true or not, I’ll share with you why I think such an inflexible and blinkered attitude to forced male chastity is less likely to give anyone what they want from their relationships, or, indeed from any other area of their lives.

There’s a common misconception equating rigidity and inflexibility with strength, from governments which claim to be “tough on crime”, to women who demand forced male chastity and say about their husbands “If he doesn’t want to wear it [a chastity device], he can always pack his stuff and get out. But, he wants to be with me. Okay, fine. But these are my rules. Wear it or pack up”.

Putting the, to my mind, likely exaggerations or untruths in this kind of claim to forced male chastity by means of emotional blackmail aside, let’s look at how this forced male chastity (or indeed any) kind of inflexible behaviour limits your choices, and how, in contrast, flexibility means the number of choices you have expands – and the more choices you have, the better choices you tend to make.

For instance…

Imagine You Do Tell Your Husband if He Doesn’t Accept Forced Male Chastity Your Marriage is Over.

What are the possible consequences of such inflexible behaviour aplied to forced male chastity?

Well, let’s imagine your husband really doesn’t enjoy forced male chastity, and can’t stand it being this strict. With forced male chastity it’s all ceased to become a game and leaves him feeling genuinely miserable or physically uncomfortable. Yet he knows if he wants to end forced male chastity his wife is going to end the marriage.

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