Forced Male Chastity: Would You If You Could?

by Sarah on July 31, 2010

A curious question about forced male chastity landed in my inbox this morning. I was going to leave it until the coming Friday newsletter, but I really wanted to answer it now (not least because writing about it gets me horny… I am such a wicked girl).

Sally J said:

I know you are not a ‘femdom’ type and you say a lot that you don’t make John do anything and a woman can’t make any man do anything, but would you if you could?”

Damn, but that’s a good question, Sally.

My gut says “no!”.

To me, one of the most noble and important human values is individual sovereignty – the idea that a men and women are kings and queens in the kingdoms of their own bodies and lives.

And I can’t see any emotional or rational argument why that should not hold true.


I also cannot deny, deep in the dark shadowed recesses of my mind there is something unutterably hot about the thought of having John locked in a chastity belt he really, truly, honestly cannot get out of without my key.

Much as it would be morally wrong, judging by my own moral standards, the sheer temptation of forced male chastity would be irresistible.

John being horny and wanting me is indescribably hot and horny; knowing John won’t be coming until Christmas is mind blowing; the thought that John couldn’t come until I said so is… Just. Fucking. Unbelievable.

Which just goes to show what a harlot witch whore of Babylon I am (did that mad fool really call me a witch? I still can’t believe it… 21st century and people are still being called witches by crazed loons).

Anyway… back to the story… I sent back my answer to Sally, thinking that was the end of it, save a tingle in my you-know-where.

But then she replied:

But what about having a ‘slave’ who’d do all your chores and not cum?”

Now, let me say at this point I suspect “Sally” might actually be a “Harry” if you know what I mean. But no matter, because they’re excellent questions – defined as ones that make me think about myself in this instance.

Hmm. Forced male chastity is one thing… but the  other?


I need to explain something here. I’ve been working on my first piece of fiction, alongside the Ultimate Guide, and, without giving too much away, it’s set in location and context of the “Hell’s Gate Weekends” I’ve been writing about.

So at the moment the idea of female domination is often in my mind as concept even if not as a desire (and forced male chastity in one form or another is never ever far from my thoughts, lol).

And while some of what I’ve been writing and thinking does have a certain appeal… it’s like I could take it or leave it. There’s no real desire for it, but no real objection to it, either.

Yet for sure, it is true that  the thought of having a man might serve me like that does give me frisson of desire… but not for the man so enslaved.

Work that one out if you can – buggered if I can.

Of course, it’s moot so far as John is, ever would be or could be concerned: even if I did want to explore any dominant streak I found lurking within me, both his utter non-submissiveness and my lack of sexual desire for the object of my domination would preclude the whole thing – forced male chastity might be something he’d go for, but not real submission.

Which leads back, in a delightful circle, to the “Hell’s Gate Weekends” again. They would give me the best of both worlds, would they not?  John as my loving husband, and deliciously, delightfully and definitely chaste lover, locked forever in forced male chastity… and lots of submissive men to practice my platonic evil upon.

What better venue for exploring one’s dark and twisted psyche and gettingpaid for it?

I don’t think things could get better than that, do you?

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