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Guys, Male Chastity is Only a Game

by Sarah on July 29, 2010

Let me repeat that: it’s only a game. Male chastity is most certainly not something to get stressed about, whether you’re locked up and dribbling or the one dangling the key in your poor man’s face with a promise of another few weeks of lockup to come.

Angst and anxiety is common, especially in those new to the game, a common refrain being “I’m not sure what I’ve done… and I don’t know when I’ll get out again”.

That’s from the men, obviously.

And the women?

You’d think that since we’re the ones in the driving seat, so to speak, we’d have it all mapped out and know exactly where we’re going and what we’re up to, wouldn’t you?

Well, we’ve not and we don’t. At least, that’s been my personal experience and the experience of many women who write to me. We’re as clueless as you are.

And why is this…?

Because of a lack of communication, that’s why.

Come on people, this isn’t hard… I take pains to cover this in the free Guide and those who read it tell me how grateful they are.

I wish I could take the credit for some amazing advice, but really it’s just plain common sense – how can you expect to know how to play the male chastity game if you don’t actually know the rules?

And it’s not enough to tell your wife or girlfriend, “you’re in charge”, because that implies there are no boundaries. So… she can what? Slice your penis off?

Obviously not, unless you’re completely insane.

So there are clearly some boundaries and we don’t even have to be told what they are. But that’s not good enough, because real life isn’t usually about extremes – it’s about normal things happening in normal ways. Your playing the male chastity game doesn’t change any of that.

Yet over and over again I read of men panicking because they’re feeling sore and might have to be unlocked. They’re either feeble minded or just seeking attention, because any sane and rational person would realise any device can simply come off and you can heal.

And the other side of the coin is their wives and girlfriends are genuinely concerned their men are in pain and perhaps even suffering physical injury… and truth be told… most women aren’t into that (read Thumper’s blog and see just how hard it was to get his lady to hurt him even when he wanted her to).

So come on, lighten up, puh-lease. I promise, the world is not going to end and the sky is not going to fall in simply because you have to take some time out to recover from the undeniable trials and tribulations of male chastity. It’s highly unlikely your wife is going to divorce you, either (I admit, it’s not impossible… although if your wife is like that, then get rid of the bitch and share your life with an actual human being instead).

I know it’s a fun game and it’s one you can (and I do) take seriously. I’m dead serious about male chastity for John and not letting him orgasm until Christmas. And he revels in my strictness and uncompromising attitude to the game.

But it’s not something to get uptight about. Really, it isn’t. You’re wasting your precious life on something that really doesn’t warrant it.

It’s like Scrabble. You play it by the rules no matter what, but it’s silly to get emotional when you lose.

Imagine for a moment John has an accident, or a moment of weakness or has to orgasm for some unfathomable reason I can’t even imagine.

Would it be a big deal?


On the contrary, it’d be funny because I can just imagine the noise and the mess and the collapsing into laughter. Yes, we’d start again and I’d probably be more careful in future, but would it bother me?

Not a bit.

So do yourself a favour and lighten up (you know who you are).

P.S. Remember to get the free Guide and get on the list for the Newsletter. Tomorrow is “Something for the Weekend” Day, and this week I’ve got another teasing session in there, a discussion about male chastity and punishment plus a very rare and special contribution by Mr John himself. We is privileged we is.

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