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Happy Birthday to... the Male Chastity Blog

by Sarah on March 9, 2011

Amazing though it seems to me… the Male Chastity Blog is one year old today. It seems to me like I’ve been writing it forever and when I look at the first post I wrote and my first words, “I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing this. No… that’s not true. I am sure why I’m doing it… but I’m not sure it’s the best thing to do.”  I tend to think it sums up male chastity quite well. I’m not sure how much I’ve added to that in the 132 posts since then ;-).

And it’s been a funny year as I’ve warmed to and grown into the role and there have been more than a few surprises – not least the success of Be Careful What You Wish For. I remember saying to John I’d be happy if I got 50 people to download it but now there are more than ten times that number presumably leading themselves and their wives into the male chastity lifestyle, and ten times that number reading my emails… and over 1,000 visitors a day to the blog.

Quite humbling, really right here.

We’ve had John in a Tollyboy belt, on his honour and now in a Lori #2C we’ve tried a whole year of orgasm denial, failed spectacularly a few months in, and now we’re trying again (and this time there’s no penetration for him, because I don’t want any more accidents); we’ve tackled on these pages everything from femdom to cuckolding, to permanent orgasm denial to strapons, and just about everything in between.

And I’m still not sure if I’m any more sure of what I’m doing or where this is all going than I was when I started, although I do know from the number of emails I get, there’s still a lot left to do because the same old questions keep coming up over and over again. This tells me the message still isn’t really ‘out there’ and we all have a long way to go before male chastity truly becomes mainstream and accepted… assuming it ever does.

I am hopeful and confident, of course, because even in my relatively short lifetime things that were commonplace not so many years ago, like smoking in the workplace and pubs is now simply not done; and things that were once frowned upon and a matter for hiding skeletons in the closet, like sex before marriage, single parenthood and even homosexuality are now barely enough to raise an eyebrow. So you never know , do you? All it would take, perhaps is one big women’s magazine like Cosmo to pick this lifestyle up and run with it and we’d be away.

But what I do know is this… the male chastity blog wouldn’t have been anything at all without you, the readers, whose comments, emails and support with Be Careful What You Wish For make it possible for me to continue to write on this most wonderfully exquisite lifestyle.

So thank you.

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