Is John a Chastity Maid?

by Sarah on March 25, 2010

Golly, it’s been a while since I posted because I’ve been really busy and we’ve both been travelling, and now it seems everyone assumes John is a chastity maid.

Because what I found on my return was more than a few emails and private messages and whatnot, many of which are barking up the wrong tree. Thanks, everyone. I’ll get to replying personally and individually over the next few days.

But in the meantime, there’s something I really do want to make clear (even though I already thought I had!).

John Is NOT a Chastity Maid

Moreover, I’m not his Mistress or a Dominatrix and he’s not my slave or my sissy or any other kind of submissive male. In most respects we’re a normal married couple, except we’re deliriously happy (which does then perhaps not make us particularly normal after all, but you know what I mean).

The chief difference is I control his orgasms and that is actually a substantial contributor to our happiness, I believe.I don’t even want a chastity maid.

chastity maid image

John is NOT a Chastity Maid

I do appreciate the messages from everyone, but please, especially you men, there’s no point sending me messages trying to get “inside information” about how I chastise him or how I “make” him obey like a chastity maid should (and I am most definitely not interested in being anyone’s keyholder but John’s, and I’m certainly not looking for a chastity maid of any type).

Now that’s out of the way, a short but amusing event: John hasn’t yet managed to get himself measured for a belt, but it is imminent… maybe. I say “maybe” because we’ve been having more luck with the Lori, and it’s occurred to us we might do well to get rid of the dulled steel spikes (anyone have any advice about or experience with doing this?).

If we could make this work properly, I’d much prefer this to a full belt. I’m not interested in denying him the ability to touch or see his penis, or making him into a chastity maid, just so long as he can’t orgasm without my unlocking him.

On the contrary… I love seeing him there all locked in that minimalist steel cage… mmm…

Anyway… back to the amusing bit… we were talking about all this again at the weekend, and I suggested half in jest we put together a timetable to run over the next couple of years where we go from one orgasm every 3 months, to one every 4, then 6 then 12… with the last one at the end of the year being the last one ever before permanence.

What’s so funny about this?

I left a short pause and said the words, “because I think it’s inevitable one day I will keep you in permanent orgasm denial, don’t you?”, he actually snorted coffee up his nose in shock and couldn’t speak for coughing and spluttering for a few minutes to the extent the young waitress asked if he needed a glass of water. I wonder how he’d have reacted if I’d suggested cuckolding.

It’s not on my agenda and not something I’m interested in for the future, but it would have been funny to see his face… Isn’t life fun when you’re a cruel and wicked She-Devil? 😉


Back to the Original Point About John Being a Chastity Maid

I do understand many people find it hard to disassociate submissiveness from male chastity and cannot help but think John is a chastity maid, but their inability for rational thought really isn’t my problem.

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