I Do So Love Male Chastity!

by Sarah on October 4, 2010

If you’re a reader of my male chastity newsletter, Something for the Weekend, you’ll know by now things might be changing somewhat… in that John might be coming out of the Tollyboy belt and into another Lori chastity device.

I had an email from the wonderful lady herself the other day, completely out of the blue offering to go way beyond the call of even excellent service to make sure John’s experience with the Lori #12D is turned into a happy one (as you may recall through absolutely no fault of Lori’s, John and the device didn’t get along and we had to give up – we were bitterly disappointed because Lori’s chastity devices are quite simply the most gorgeous you can buy).

male chastity

So a shameless plug: if you’re looking for serious male chastity along with top quality and service and are prepared to pay for it, then…

Loris’s Male Chastity Devices Are Definitely Something You Should Consider!

I admit, it did warm the cockles of my heart to get that email from Lori, not least because she said of me and my Blog:

I think your writing is the best I have seen”

And that’s just the Blog, I think ;-). At risk of blowing my own trumpet (I think my American friends say, “tooting my own whistle”), BCWYWF is even better, but I would say that wouldn’t I?

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes… it warmed the cockles of my heart, because, let’s face it… the male chastity industry isn’t generally noted for its honesty and integrity, is it?

There’s a lot of shit out there and a lot of people seeking to rip you off (anyone else get a vile taste at the back of the throat when they read those aggressive little profiles from “male chastity mistresses” who demand tributes and whatnot? Nasty little vixens, the lot of them).

So, back to the Lori: John’s now getting busy with the tape measure (we need “lengths”, apparently, something we didn’t need with the #12) and then we have to decide which flavour of the one Lori has recommended we try next, the #2.

Decisions, decisions… as I wrote in Something for the Weekend, I am surprised at the sudden rush of emotion and feeling I got at the thought of John back in a Lori.

The Tollyboy is OK, and it does indeed have its own dynamic of male chastity, but the Lori was and still is el supremo in my book. So gorgeous, metallic and minimalist. Just take a look at the #12 we have. Shame he can’t wear it.

It also kinda makes me rethink John’s entire male chastity and orgasm denial schedule.

As you know, he had an accident the other week, so now he’s up for a “Honeymoon Weekend” at the end of the month on our wedding anniversary –  think I’ll take him somewhere nice and special as a treat. I’ll take the silk ropes and Rabbit, too… because I’m going to make him put in some serious work before he gets what he wants. I’m thinking two nights and he doesn’t get to come until the second… and the first is spent on the edge for at least, oh, I don’t know… two hours, lol?

Mmm… it’s less than three weeks away now. Better get my thinking head on.

Can you tell I’m in a good mood?

Male chastity was never so much fun!

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