inescapable chastity belt bullshit

The Inescapable Chastity Belt - The Stuff of Legend

by Sarah on August 30, 2011

I had an interesting email from A about that most fantastical and mythical of beasts, the Inescapable Chastity Belt, and it does indeed raise some valid points.

But it doesn’t do anything to demonstrate proof of the hypothesis. On the contrary, it rather proves the opposite: that a man claiming to be in an “inescapable chastity belt” is really talking crap:

They say that there is no such thing as an inescapable chastity device. I suspect that this is true. But it is a somewhat academic question since it asks: ‘is it physically possible (for someone) to defeat the device?’ In practice, a more relevant question is: ‘Is it within the capabilities of a particular man to defeat the device?’

I’m sure there are very few locks in the world that cannot be picked. But the vast majority of people do not know the first thing about picking locks, do not have lock picking tools and may not have the skills to use them even if they did. So, in practice, unless the particular man in question is a locksmith or a burglar, practically every lock cannot be picked.

I know of no substance that cannot be cut. But unless it can be cut with a junior hacksaw, the act of cutting the device is probably outside the capabilities of the particular man in question. Unless he’s an engineer, he may not know what tool to use. Even if he did now, he may not have access to it or have the confidence to use it on a steel tube that is currently wrapped around his own penis.

The particular man could of course ask for help. In which case the capabilities of the person from whom help is sought would be relevant (which may not be much greater). But many men would feel as though they would die of embarrassment if they did such a thing and if there was only a slim chance of success, asking for help may be a non-starter.

In general, for a man to escape from a device without using its key, he would need; the knowledge of what to do, the equipment with which to do it, the skills to operate that equipment, and the confidence to do so (on a device that he is still wearing). If any of these elements are missing, he’s not getting out.

So rather than thinking of the inescapable device as the stuff of fanciful fiction, we may find that it is extremely commonplace. I suspect that there are many men who are currently locked into devices that are inescapable for them. I wonder if they know…

Alas, the conclusion is somewhat flawed.

inescapable chastity belt bullshit

Inescapable Chastity Belt… Utter Bullshit

Because the real point is at every stage of this… the man is choosing. It’s not an inescapable chastity belt, rather it’s an escapable one he’s choosing to wear.

He is choosing not to educate himself and find the right tools; he is choosing not to ask for help; he is even choosing not to refuse to put the damned thing on in the first place.

What this email does, and does very well, I might add, is illustrate the truth that any device or belt is merely a deterrent.

Some, like a CBXXXX are casual deterrents, because they can be taken off so easily; others are more serious deterrents because at the very least they might entail damaging or even destroying a very expensive device (not to mention the deterrence of any emotional fallout in the relationship as a whole).

But, the fact is…

The actual factual inescapable chastity belt is a fiction and a fantasy

And the idea a man can be “forced” into one and kept in it against his will in a Western society is plain and simple bullshit.

To claim otherwise is an extraordinary claim, and would require extraordinary evidence to back it up.

But there is never any forthcoming — all we get when we push against this myth hard enough is vituperative ad hominem attacks from men and women who are, frankly, a few sandwiches short of a picnic to believe such crap.

The perception of an inescapable chastity belt might be there; but the reality is not.

And reality trumps perception every time.

But if you want to experience real male chastity without the hype and nonsense, then I strongly recommend you help yourself to my FREE male chastity guide, Why He Wants You to Say No!

Sane, sound and sensible, it’s the perfect way to slip into the male chastity lifestyle… no crap about the inescapable chastity belt, either ;-).

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