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It's a... Male Chastity Honeymoon!

by Sarah on May 7, 2010

Well, tonight John is a Happy Bunny – it’s his male chastity honeymoon, and By the Great Lord Harry, he’s earned his release.

All you men out there who’re locked and waiting… you can console yourselves (or drive yourselves totally bonkers, as is your wont), with the thought that John is going to get tonight, and for the next few days all the orgasms he can eat (so to speak).

Of course, his first one is going to be long and slow… as long and slow and frankly torturous as I can possibly make it, short of actual spinal injury for the poor man 😉

I have to confess, he’s done well. Three months this time, with nary a murmur, complaint, gripe or moan. So I think he’s earned a little… relief… don’t you?

Sadly, his Tollyboy belt still hasn’t arrived, which is still Really Fucking Annoying.

But it can’t be helped, and perhaps one way to look at it is it’s certainly going to arrive before his next due male chastity honeymoon in early August, which means there will be plenty of time to make sure it fits before then.

Which means, of course, and John is fully aware of my decision, this weekend is his last honeymoon until Christmas. It’s not his fault the belt didn’t arrive yet, but someone’s got to suffer the consequences of my frustration, so it might as well be him… muwahahahaha.

So… after this weekend, unless my plans go awry again (which is always possible, of course), John won’t be orgasming again until Christmas Eve at the very earliest.

I may even delay it an extra two weeks or so and give him a very special birthday present; or even a couple of weeks after that, even, and give myself one.

Anyway, this is me, Sarah Jameson signing off for the weekend. For the next two days and nights I am going to fuck like a rabbit, scream like a banshee and make my gorgeous, sexy loving, hunky Alpha husband groan like an oak tree in a gale and come like a freight train.

Sigh… I love male chastity… especially for the orgasms it lets me give him.

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