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John's Review of the Lori #2 C Male Chastity Device

by Sarah on February 14, 2011

At last, John has deigned to write his review of his Lori #2C. It’s taken him just a couple of months, so he’s doing well, lol алоэ состав.

John’s Review of the Lori #2 C


I’ve been in the Lori virtually 24/7 since it arrived in the middle of December, which makes it approximately 2 months. As you’ll probably know we both work from home so the issue of it being seen  under my clothes is a non-issue; similarly we have our own gym so being “seen” by other men is also a non-issue (although it would be anyway).

But, that said, the #2C is extremely comfortable and low-profile, so even if you were worried about it showing under your clothes, it doesn’t. You would no doubt get spotted in a room full of naked men, but whether that bothers you or not is entirely for your own judgement.

I’m also very active, cycling most days for 10 or 20 miles up and down some pretty challenging hills, and working out (heavy) three times a week – and I can do all this in the Lori. The bottom line is is never really needs to come off (although we do take it off for teasing and, once a week, a proper inspection and thorough clean), and being denied by Sarah for the rest of 2011 isn’t going to be a problem (at least not one to do with the Lori is there ever is a problem).


The Lori #2C is extremely comfortable, and that is down to excellent design, superb workmanship and, at our end, very, very very careful measurement. It fits perfectly, and outside a bit of soreness from the ring for the first few days (easily assuaged with lube), it’s easy to forget I’m wearing it.

Even erections aren’t painful, which, for me, is important because I’m not into that kind of pain.

Cycling isn’t a problem at all, even though it can get extremely cold being wrapped in steel like that, so on a couple of occasions I’ve put a sock over the whole thing when I’ve gone out. A cold cage is very painful.

Working out is a bit more problematic in that I do have to be careful with shrugs, in case the bar bashes the cage on the way up and down. Deadlifts would be a worry, but since I squat instead, it’s not relevant to my situation.


It’s also surprisingly secure, far more so than any other device I’ve ever tried that didn’t require a piercing (the #2 does come with a PA option, something I may upgrade to in the future, but the thought of going through that all over again is offputting). The reason I’d consider it is it’s hot to think of going from 99% secure to 100% secure, cutting and machine-tools aside.

Because it is at least 99% secure even as it is. I could escape if my life depended on it but the pain would be incredible and frankly not worth the risk of damaging myself. If you’re looking for an extremely secure device for the non-pierced, then you could scarcely do better than the #2C.

Why might I go down the piercing route again, then? Because I love the idea of being 100% locked with the shadow of fear that Sarah might truly have decided on permanent denial for me, that’s why.


Getting the Lori #2C on is a bit fiddly, and it’d be useful to have three hands. The clamshell design means it’s easy to get skin-pinches as you’re closing it up and trying to hold it all together while you get the locking screw in. It’s not a device I’d want anyone else putting on me, not even Sarah.

That said, I soon got the hang of it, plus because it’s so comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean with the power-shower, it doesn’t have to come off very often, if at all.

If you really wanted to, you could get away with not taking it off more than once a month, and even then only for visual inspection.

It’s also easy for Sarah to do some serious teasing with me still wearing it, as well as use the device itself for her own pleasure (as she describes in the Teasing Guide).


In a word, “gorgeous!”. I always did prefer the almost minimalist look of the Loris, and I know Sarah did, too. The CB3000 was ugly as hell, and the Tollyboy looked a bit ridiculous, to my mind.

The Lori, though is just amazing and, modesty aside, now I have my 6‑pack and a decent tan (I love tanning studios – and yes, I wear the Lori while I’m in there), it looks fabulous, even if I say so myself.

So, there we have it, John’s review. And I hope it’s useful to you all.

P.S. I’m letting John choose 7 out of the 9 T&D techniques in How to Drive Your Man Insane with Desire and treat him to a session a night for the next week. I’ll let you know how he gets on.

I really can’t wait, because it’s going to be unbearable for him and he knows he’s not going to come until New Year’s 2012 (and maybe not even then, after someone put the idea in my head).

He does seem a little nervous about next week (and about New Year’s, too). ;-).

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