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Locked in Chastity… Yet Liberated and in Heaven

by Sarah on October 8, 2010

Keeping your man locked in chastity has to be one of the most erotic and liberating experiences you can have as a woman.

It’s apparently pretty hot if you’re a man, too.

I know from my own experience, when your man first moots the idea it can seem a little strange. At first, at least for me, it didn’t really sink in. As I’ve written before here and gone into in some detail in , John had instigated a game of “swap fantasies”, with the sole intention of telling me about his desire to be locked in chastity.

In fact, to say it “didn’t really sink in” is to understate the case – it didn’t sink in because I was kind of shocked.

Not in a “that’s rude and disgusting” way, because John and I have always had an easygoing and relaxed relationship when it comes to sex – talking about it, doing it and trying new things has never been a problem.

But His Being Locked in Chastity Was Something a Teeny Weeny Bit Different!

Especially when I checked out the forums and blogs and started reading all the nonsense out there. Took me a while to realise “locked in chastity” is not the same as “dressed in panties“.

Long story short: we got over that hurdle and now there he is locked in chastity in a Tollyboy, which is soon to be replaced by a Lori #2. Not sure which model yet, but in a #2C sounds about right to me.


So, why am I going over all this again now?

Well, I’ve just finished writing and sending this week’s newsletter, and some of the topics I was writing about really made me sit back and think about how lucky I really am to have everything I’ve got, exactly how I’ve got it.

Let’s think on that a little.

First, I’ve got…

John Locked in Chastity

Sounds like such a small thing, doesn’t it?

But it’s made such a big difference. As I said in , our marriage and relationship isn’t about keeping him locked in chastity but just involves it; yet  there’s no denying it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Our sex life is incredible – we have great sex and have it more often.

And because he is locked in chastity, he doesn’t get to come… so it lasts longer and is even more fulfilling for me… and ultimately more fulfilling for him, too.

Then I’ve got…

The Male Chastity Blog!

Although John and I both own the business and both work in it, there’s no escaping the fact he’s the brains and the brawn behind it. He works phenomenal hours and is a prolific writer (being locked in chastity gives you more energy, lol). I kinda just tag along doing what he asks me to do.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining. It just that sometimes I wanted something of my own. And that’s what the blog was – all mine. John helps with the technical stuff and a few other things, but otherwise it’s all mine.

And that’s something else I’m lucky to have – a venture I can play with and if it crashes and burns, there’s no harm done.

And then, the icing on the cake…

Be Careful What You Wish For

I find it hard to express how pleased and proud I am of that book.

Not only is writing a book something I’ve dreamed of but never thought I’d actually do, but writing one that’s then been received with such critical acclaim is just out of this world.

And while we’re never going to be rich and retire somewhere exotic from it, it’s nice to have some pin-money. And although John doesn’t say a dickie-bird phentermine about the time I take out of the business and put into the Blog and all the other stuff around it, it’s nice to have something to show for it. Stops me feeling guilty.

So that’s why I’m feeling all warm, fuzzy and reflective.

And horny.

So when I’ve posted this and finished my wine, I’m going to take my key, my husband and my sweet newly muscled booty up the wooden hill and test his mettle.

Locked in chastity… yet liberated and in heaven ;-).

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