Love, Honour, and WHAT?!

by Sarah on April 22, 2011

I’ll come clean: I’m not a Royalist weed shop game online.

The thought of having a privileged bloodline riding on the backs of everyone else is abhorrent to me.

It’s backward and mediaeval and is something we really ought to have left behind by now, like slavery, burning witches and alchemy.

But I was heartened to see on the news today that Kate Middleton won’t be promising to obey that jug-eared parasite William when she claims her meal ticket next week.

That, too, is something belonging in the Dark Ages.

Interestingly, it’s apropos to my being more or less told recently that my controlling John’s orgasms means we must be in a “femdom” relationship.

I thought I’d done this to death, but obviously not.

I wonder what makes it so hard for people to understand that male chastity and my “control” of John begins and ends with his orgasm. That’s it.

There are no “other ways”. End of story. I don’t even control his sexuality, in the sense he’s free to initiate intimacy between us any time he likes.

Fact is, you CAN live a fun and fulfilling male chastity lifestyle without having to get involved in all the femdom stuff. I have no quarrel with anyone who wants to live that way since it’s their life and I quite rightly don’t get a vote.

But, please, don’t try and tell me what I’m thinking because of how you perceive my actions. That’s rude and ignorant.

For the record: my take on male chastity is purely vanilla.

If yours is different, or you’re hoping For is a titillating femdom fantasy, then you’d be reading the wrong book. Yes, it’s going to be useful even if you’re femdom, but you’d then need other resources, too.

For does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re looking for a step-by-step “how to” of how to ease yourself and your partner into the male chastity lifestyle, then it’s probably exactly what you should be reading:

If you want something other than that, then it’s not the right book for you.

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