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Male Chastity 101: Easy First Steps to Male Chastity

So, you’re interested in male chastity but you’re unsure what to do next and how to go about getting what you want.

And why not get what you want? Because male chastity can be an amazing way to revitalise and rejuvenate your relationship.

But there’s a lot of hype and nonsense out there, and if you’re not careful you can end up scaring your beloved witless and getting some pretty odd ideas of your own.

Why Male Chastity Isn't for Everyone

Here’s the deal: your beloved takes control of your orgasm, and you both live happily ever after in sexual heaven. Guaranteed to fix any relationship, right any wrong, and is every woman’s secret dream…



Male chastity won’t fix a broken relationship and is as far off virtually woman’s radar as it can possibly be and still be in the same universe.

So who is it for, how do you separate myth from fantasy, how do you ask your beloved to lock you without her freaking out, and, most important of all, how do you get started?

Why Male Chastity?

To those who don’t crave it, you cannot explain; to those who do… no explanation is necessary. But we can try.

The Background

Read the stories and though to yourself… “hmmmm.…”. Well, you’re not the only one. Most of what you read is a load of old nonsense. Here’s how you can tell:

First Steps to Chastity

Convinced? Want to get started but don’t  know how? Uncover some useful tips here:

If Your Wife or Husband Won't Play

This is always a tricky one. You asked her to lock you, or you’ve said you want to deny his orgasms… but no dice.  Just not interested. Then what?

orgasm denial guide image

Orgasm Denial — Pleasure in and of Itself

And there’s more much to come…

…So make sure you enter your name and email address and I’ll keep you posted.

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