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Male Chastity and Cuckolding Redux

by Sarah on November 4, 2010

So, cuckolding within male chastity <a href=“https://weedy weed bay”>weed bay dream.

My, how this brings them out of the woodwork.

It seems to me there are four broad categories of people:

  1. People like me and John who can see the saucy side of cuckolding, yet for one reason or another never go down that route because we’re wary of the many, many pitfalls you can stumble into.
  2. People like Tom Allen, who simply don’t see the attraction of it (and I’m probably more in Tom’s camp than the one above, to be honest – it’s John who really gets off on the idea).
  3. People like JD who have practiced cuckolding for a long time and it works for them.
  4. People like… well, never mind names… who are clearly living on another planet, if not actually in an entirely different universe from the rest of us.

Now, let me say quite clearly, so the hard of thinking really do get this: I have never said cuckolding is either bad, wrong or that it cannot work. If anyone can show me where I have said that, I’ll donate £1,000 to a charity of your choice. And if you can’t show that, yet somehow imagine that’s what I am saying, then you should have worked harder at school, specifically in your English Comprehension.

Regardless of how we’ve evolved as apes, Western societies tend to be based on monogamous relationships between men and women. In reality it seems we’ve evolved to practice serial monogamy, but human society has changed that to some extent (but to a lesser extent than you might think, I suspect).

And the fact is infidelity, in most instances and most of the time causes a lot of pain and emotional trauma for all those involved. You can argue cuckolding is different because it’s done with full knowledge and consent of the man, but this is a naïve view – because most men are in the grip of their emotions when they agree to or, as is usually the case, encourage it (and I am heartily sick of men emailing me telling me “I want her to… I want her to… I want her to...”. Why not have this conversation with HER and at the same time find out what SHE wants? Idiots).

And as others have pointed out, when the hot and steamy thrusting is over and done and the inevitable tenderness and intimacy sets in, it’s a different matter.

There’s another thing to consider as well: most women don’t want to cuckold their men. Because most women have a lower sex-drive than most men; and most women most of the time seek an emotional connection with their lovers… and if they’re happy with YOU, why would they be interested in cuckolding you?

Please, don’t bother telling me you and your lady are different. If that’s so, that’s good – but I’m not talking to or about you so telling me won’t achieve anything. I’m talking to and about the majority who are inexperienced, perhaps naïve, and maybe considering doing something un-doable without really thinking it through.

Where was I?

This isn’t make-believe. Tales abound of men and women whose relationships have been damaged and even wrecked by cuckolding gone wrong.

And once it’s done, it’s done. Whatever the consequences are, you’ve got to deal with them, because whereas you can take a chastity device off you can’t undo having sex with someone, easily and dispassionately end a pregnancy, or cure all diseases.

None of this is to say you shouldn’t practice cuckolding. It’s simply none of my business either way. However, one of the things I do with the Blog and even more so with is give people the facts so they can decide for themselves and make an informed choice.

Why is this important?

Because the ‘net is replete with forums where the common refrain is, “She can do as She likes and you just have to put up with it!”.


Not unless that’s what you’ve agreed, and even then if you don’t have some boundaries, then you are insane (I mean, does that make it “OK” for her to pour acid in your eyes? If the answer is “no”, then clearly she can’t just do as she likes).

Interestingly enough, I’ve been talking to someone at length about her experiences with cuckolding and how it’s worked well for her but only after a lot of trial and error and some heartache. More on that anon, because I think it’s going to be useful and instructive for anyone determined to give cuckolding a try.

Finally, the fiction: it’s taking longer than I dreamed possible. But you’ll get it, don’t worry, and if you have , it’ll be free. Just be patient!

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