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Male Chastity and Mountain Climbing

by Sarah on August 14, 2010

Oh my… where to begin?

The B&B lady now knows more about male chastity than she ever wanted to, I’m sure.

I’ll explain that, I think. But it might take me a while because just thinking about it is making me giggle.

After we climbed Torc on Thursday, John was a little sore on the insides of his thighs from all that climbing in the Tollyboy. And since it came off on Thursday night anyway… we decided it was better to leave it off while he attempted the much tougher climbs of Caher, Carrantouhil and Beenkeeragh.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Only… we left the Tollyboy down by the side of the bed, not thinking that the lady would be in to clean and tidy and turn the bed back. Which she did, of course… and kindly put the Tollyboy on the chair for us.

Dear oh dear… when we returned, we looked at one another, realised what had happened and said, “Oh. My. God!”.

The poor woman. Whether or not you know the first thing about male chastity per se, there could be no possible doubt even in the most unimaginative and straight-laced mind that you are holding in your hands some stainless steel contraption that is without doubt deeply, deeply, deeply sexual and kinky in some way.

So… we laughed, showered, had a little nap… and made our way to dinner.

Now, if you’ve ever had someone who thinks she knows something about you, yet doesn’t know what… really really really wants to… but just cannot bring herself to ask you about it… then you’ve got the picture.

I mean… what could she say?

Excuse me, I couldn’t help noticing when I cleaned your room… you had an… unusual item in there… I don’t mean to pry… but… what the fuck is it you unholy perverts?!

Oh, it’s just a male chastity belt… we do so hate it when John spills his seed, don’t we, darling?”

John, the swine, couldn’t stop giggling. I swear he was doing it all the more just to wind the poor woman up.

Anyway, pictures… I’ll work out how to post them in a gallery. Alas, John made only Caher and Carrantouhil. The weather was atrocious and since he didn’t know the path and the ridge between Carrantouhil and Beekeeragh is notoriously dangerous, he gave that a miss.

Finally… we just got back and I’m steadily going through the emails from people who’ve downloaded my new male chastity guide, Be Careful What You Wish For.

If you’ve asked me questions or have queries, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, I promise. I’m playing catch-up at the moment.

It’s now no longer available under the special release offer, but it will be back on Monday or Tuesday with the option of an unabridged MP3 recording.

In this week’s coming newsletter I’ll be sharing some of the details about Thursday night… although to be honest… the really interesting stuff is what we talked about climbing Torc and over Thursday night as we lay together after I’d had my wicked way with him.

A lot to sift through and mentally process… but it’s all hot, steamy, and very, very, very good… 😉

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