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Male Chastity and Orgasm Denial - One Hidden Benefit

by Sarah on April 27, 2010

An often overlooked benefit of male chastity and a chastity lifestyle is… when you eventually allow your man to orgasm (assuming you’re not engaging in permanent orgasm denial).

You’ve only got to read some of the esteemed Mr Allen’s accounts to realise that; and, let’s face it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if a man has been waiting to orgasm for even just a week or two, and you’ve kept his interest alive with some gentle or even downright cruel teasing, then his eventual release is going to be loud, physically spectacular and, frankly copious.

And I, as a woman, love to make a man come. To me it’s the ultimate expression of what I mentioned recently in reply to a comment – the power of my femininity to drive a man to the point where he goes weak at the knees and can no longer control himself.

Now, I’m sure someone’s going to crawl out of the woodwork and tell me this is female dominance rather than just a vanilla-ish chastity lifestyle, but it really isn’t, at least not to me and since this is all very subjective, my opinion is the only one carrying any weight so far as this area of my own life is concerned.

To me, male chastity is very much a two-way street. Hence I suspect the chances of John’s ever having to suffer permanent orgasm denial are slim, but that’s not to say he won’t be waiting for a year or more at some point.

Hell, it’s worth threatening (?) him with this on occasion just to see his reaction. And mine ;-). Sometimes, like now for instance, I’m sorely tempted to push him for as long as he’ll go, just to see his limits. I mean, while he’s not genuinely pissed off with things, why not?

But that deliciously cruel vision of male chastity aside (I get terribly wicked thoughts like this around this time of the month, right at about the same time my sex-drive goes into the stratosphere and permanent orgasm denial seems like a splendid idea, and the chastity lifestyle the best thing since sliced bread) permit me to suggest something even more fun than just letting your man orgasm.

Chastity Honeymoons!

I’ve been having these with John every three or four months or so. And I call them “honeymoons” because that’s exactly what they’re like. For those few days, John is no longer bound by our “rules” of male chastity and gets a free pass.

And, as I said at the top of this post, his reaction is nothing short of sensational. John is 45 but in exceptionally good shape. He looks maybe 10 years younger with his clothes on, and with them off he’d pass for a lean and fit 25 from the neck down. So regardless of anything else, he has a high sex drive already, chastity lifestyle or no.

Which means when we have our “honeymoons” he’s insatiable. It’s like being in bed with a teenager with an unstoppable and irrepressible erection and sexual appetite.

In short, it’s just like being on my honeymoon with him again.

And I get this 3 or 4 times a year. And sometimes we’ll go the whole hog and actually go away to a hotel for a weekend, just to add some spice to it (I pity the people in the adjacent rooms. No joke: we do get some funny looks. After all, after several months without coming, John is somewhat unrestrained and uninhibited, especially as I tend to make the first orgasm as slow and torturous as I can for him. Mmmm.… imagine that after a year of orgasm denial. Oh my… I’m instantly wet just writing that).

See, the chastity lifestyle in general and male chastity in particular are not just about orgasm denial.

On the contrary, to my way of thinking, male chastity is as much about managing the process of what goes on between the periods of denial as it is about the denial itself (by analogy… think about a fence. A fence comprises not only the wire, but the posts supporting the wire, too).

Golly. I’m horny now.

Who’da thunk the chastity lifestyle would magnify, enhance, improve and grow one’s sex life so much?

Sigh… I do love this life, you know. I have one complaint about it… no matter how long it proves to be for me, it’ll be too short!

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