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Taking a Break from Male Chastity

by Sarah on July 3, 2010

Question: “is taking a break from male chastity a good thing?”.

This is something I was asked earlier in the week by a reader. Apparently this chap’s been locked up on-and-off for the past nine months with orgasms every four to six weeks, and now his wife wants to be “normal” for a while.

And he wants to know if it’s OK.

Well, duh.

I don’t know – you tell me, my lad.

I’m being deliberately facetious and he’s actually expecting this, so don’t think I’m mocking him. We’ve tossed the subject back and forth and he actually suggested I write a post for his benefit.

I can think of many reasons why you might want to – or even have to – take a break, and none of them mean the sky’s falling in, or your wife is getting sick of the game. Sometimes, you just want a change because too much of any one thing can become routine and boring. Often the answer is to engage in ever more bizarre kinks but if you’re not into that kind of thing, then that avenue isn’t one you’ll want to go down.

And, while you men might not realise this, male chastity is hard work for us women. You just have to suffer with your hard on – we have to keep track of things and constantly have one eyeball on “the rules”.

If you’re in a female-led relationship, then perhaps it’s a little different because you might have a “standing order” to keep your man attentive and on his toes, but if you’re just engaging in male chastity for the pleasure this kink brings all by itself (as most of my readers and correspondents tell me they are), then it’s hard work. You can also think about it as being like a diet or working out – sometimes it’s good to take a break so when you come back to it you do so with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

And sometimes, it’s just nice to be treated like a woman by a strong manly man who pins you to the bed, rips off your knickers and gives you a good, hard fucking.

Then sometimes, perhaps the man might want to take a break. I’m not now talking about the natural desire for a man to orgasm after about 30 seconds of being locked up, but rather a deeper and more existential desire to be normal for a bit.

It happens – and you’d be surprised not at all to learn I get emails about this, too. I get them from women asking if it’s “OK” and from men asking if it’s “OK” and from both asking if it’s “normal” to want a break from male chastity (“does it mean he doesn’t want to play any more?!)”.

Well, if you both consent, of course it’s OK. And as for him not wanting to play any more… I have no idea. Ask him. I do think this is unlikely for the most part, but it’s possible. So ask him.

And “normal”? I don’t think male chastity itself is exactly considered normal, so taking a break from it probably is ;-).

Of course, there’s that potty minority who think the man has and deserves no choice and if he insists on a break he’ll be instantly divorced etc. but I think they’re few and far between.

If you are in a relationship like that and you’re “not allowed” to take a break, and you really, really, really do want and perhaps need one… then maybe you need a new relationship, leaving your “owner” free to find another doormat.

Ultimately it comes down to the same old very simple and – I’m sorry to say – very boring and vanilla thing that’s at the heart of most human beings: it’s about what works for you and your partner, and since you probably want to enjoy your time here on Earth in the one and only life we know for sure you’re going to get, then if you want a break from male chastity, taking one is a good idea; and likewise, if your partner wants to take one, you’d do well to listen.

Oh, and just for the record: no, we, John and I, are not taking a break. We’ve barely bloody started yet ;-).

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