Male Chastity and the Ranting Fetish Taliban

by Sarah on June 24, 2010

It seems the phrase “male chastity cuckold” has some sad, illiterate woman’s panties in a tangle. I’ve deleted the comment she left because it added nothing to any discussion and was really just a vituperative personal attack against me.

When I first read it I was a bit bemused, wondering how someone could get so angry about a blog no one actually makes her read.

Then I looked at her own website and it all became clear: she’s sells “femdom” paraphernalia from several sites she owns.

My guess is she not only wanted to get a link back to her site from my blog (which is pointless in at least one respect, since the link has the “nofollow” attribute set by default), and also that she can’t stand to have her little fantasy of “female superiority” and “forced blah blah blah” shown to be a crock of shit.

She began:

Your blog is like Fox News. ‘Widely acclaimed’ by whom?”

Well, by my readers on male chastity forums and in their own blogs. And by the people who send me messages and leave comments.

They [Fox News] make shit up, as you do. They talk out of their asses about subjects they (painfully) know little about, as you do here.“

Now, this is where it gets amusing. She accuses me of “making shit up”, yet doesn’t say exactly what shit that is. How do you answer something like that, especially when it comes from a woman who has websites dedicated to the fantasy of “female domination”?

As for subjects I “know little about”, there are indeed many. And when I come across one I’m quite open about it. Unlike “Mistress” here, I don’t have such low self-esteem I have to pretend I know everything.

But what I do know about is what I’ve experienced, both in male chastity and relationships. To imply one cannot comment on, say, cuckolding unless you’ve experienced it is silly. It’s like saying you can’t comment on the danger of fire unless you’ve been burned, regardless of how many times you’ve witnessed the damage and destruction it can cause.

Methinks little hissy-fit “Mistress” is stuck in her own little world of fantasy and hates me because I’m threatening to pop her fantasy bubble.

Reading some of your articles reminds one of an arrogant and petulant child with an overinflated ego in need of meds„, (sic) or a time out and/or a spanking”

Ah, and so she reveals her true nature: the need to dominate and bully. Disagree with her and you’re either mentally ill, immature, or requiring physical violence to make you agree with her.

Hmm. I think I’ll pass on that.

I will point out again that ‘male chastity cuckold’ is not only redundant (as only a male can be a cuckold) but just sounds retarded. Its (sic) like talking about female owned vagina for women. It makes no fucking sense.”

I use the phase for reasons she couldn’t possibly understand (because if she could she would and wouldn’t be making such an arse of herself), but that’s by the by. What amuses and saddens me is someone can get so angry about it.

They’re words.

On a blog she doesn’t have to read.

About male chastity, a subject no one asks her to involve herself in.

And it’s not as if we don’t use other phrases which we give a different meaning from their literal dictionary meaning – like chastity and celibacy. (And do I really need to point out the obvious irony here of someone saying “it makes no fucking sense” when she’s herself illiterate? Clue: apostrophe was not a Greek philosopher, darlin’).

Anyway, rant on in your little self important delusional world honey, maybe one day you can grow up and grow into something resembling a sane and lucid adult.”

Quite… rant… self important… delusional; implicitly insane and not lucid.

Oh my, the irony… especially from the woman who earlier wrote in a comment here:

Ah. I like your blog. We seem to be some­what alike, both of us are out­spoken and with an atti­tude. I look for­ward to read­ing back­posts”

Right. And I’m delusional, insane and not lucid?

And we aresomewhat alike”. We’re both human beings, but there the resemblance ends, I suspect. Because you’re quite, quite mad and living in a dream-world.

Look, I know how desperately some people cling to their fantasies, hoping, wishing and probably praying they’re really really really true. But they’re not, honestly.

You’re not a “queen” and you’re not “superior” and “female domination”, “male submission” and yes, male chastity are always by consent.

I know that truth hurts… but I really can’t help that, “honey”.

Get help. With a temper like that, I think you need it.

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