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Male Chastity Benefits and Frustrations

by Sarah on April 30, 2010

Of all the male chastity benefits I imagined when John and I started this journey, the pleasure of writing this blog and the enjoyment I get in answering emails and writing the Mini-Guide and the ever-so-slowly-to-appear Ultimate Guide never even occurred to me.

But it brings its own frustrations and irritations, too. I suppose I should expect this because nothing is perfect and real life is what happens when circumstances and events conspire to interrupt your plans.

One of the biggest frustrations is the men who message me asking inane questions about my apparent “dominance” and John’s “submission”, even though I’ve gone to great trouble even on the Contact Me page itself to make it absolutely crystal clear I am not John’s mistress and he is not my slave.

I don’t object to messages from submissive men so long as you don’t call me “mistress” or treat me like one and you don’t ask me questions you’d realise were actually irrelevant if you read what I wrote above the contact form and before you message me.

But, those frustrations aside, one really good question I got (from a woman, which is unusual), was about how male chastity benefits us both if I don’t take full advantage and take it that one step further and make him a slave.

And it is a good question, because it might seem like John’s getting a better deal than I am.

Well, interestingly enough, a good deal is one where both parties think they’ve got the better half of the bargain. And in our case, this is true.

From John’s point of view, he’s getting that delicious and glorious feeling of being halfway to orgasm all the time. I can’t imagine what that feels like and certainly can’t imagine why anyone would want to suffer (in my mind, that’s what it would be) the frustration of not going all the way.

But, then, I’m not a man and I’m certainly not John. And I don’t have to understand it – it’s simply enough to know it and to enjoy how male chastity benefits us, both personally and as a couple.

What’s more, I suspect it’s one of those things you can’t explain to someone who doesn’t feel it, and if they do feel it then no explanation is necessary (comments on that, gentlemen?).

So, the benefits.

Well, most obviously male chastity benefits us by making our sex life much more intense, exciting, frequent and spicy. It’s similar to how it is when you’re with someone new – you can’t keep your hands off each other, and there’s a constant sexual tension in the air, even if you’re not actually engaged in sexual activity, a kind of “wait until I get you into bed” feeling.

And, just as obviously, John is more attentive, caring and considerate now, both in bed and out of bed, for the reasons I’ve given before but will repeat here because some people seem determined not to get it: he’s not “submissive” and doing it because he’s hoping to get a reward; he’s doing it because we’re more intimate and closer as a couple.

And, as Tom Allen put it, “people who are happy with their partner do happy things in return”. What is so difficult to understand about that, and why do the moronic Chastity Taliban have such a problem with it?

A less obvious way in which male chastity benefits me personally is writing this blog, the Mini-Guide and the Ultimate Guide have given me an exciting project to work on. I get bored easily and, as I’ve written before, John has taken over a substantial portion of my work so I can concentrate on this. (Oh, and to the cretin who wrote that his doing this “proves” he was submissive and “serving” me, NO you fucking moron: it’s in his rational self interest because the more I immerse myself writing and thinking about all the different aspects, dimensions, meanings and possibilities of male chastity, the more he gets of what he wants).

Yet, while on the whole, male chastity benefits us, it’s also frustrating. First, there’s the messages from idiots. Questions about the lifestyle in general I’m now answering either in posts like this or in the Mini-Guide; questions from idiots, I’m now ignoring (clue for the clueless: I’d rather dig out my pancreas with a blunt spoon than cuckold John with someone who can’t spell or write a sentence which actually makes sense. I’ve always chosen my lovers carefully, and intelligence is one criterion. Even if I was interested in cuckolding John, which I’m not, not even slightly, rest assured it would not be with a microcephalic ignoramus like you).

But perhaps the biggest frustration is one of my own making.

It comes from within and I’m not sure what to do about it other than grit my teeth and vent my spleen here.

See, I’m something of a perfectionist. Now I have the idea of putting John in that belt and really turning the heat up so we can see just how profoundly male chastity benefits us when we push it to the limits, I want to do it perfectly, I want to do it for at least a year just because we can, and I want to do it now!

But that belt is somewhere between there and here and I want it NOW! So yes, male chastity benefits us, but it drives me fucking nuts, too.

When I think of what lies ahead, my heart races, my spine tingles, my mouth goes dry and my knees go weak. I wonder if this is the female equivalent of feeling half-way to orgasm all the time? If it is, then I get an inkling of what John feels and desires.

Golly gosh, but we’re in for some interesting times. My, oh my, oh my.

What have you unleashed, John? Just what have you unleashed?

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