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Male Chastity Cuckold Pas de Deux

by Sarah on June 23, 2010

If you’ll forgive the expression the male chastity cuckold just won’t stop rearing its throbbing little head. It’s probably the most common thing I get asked about, usually by men who haven’t bothered to read the blog in its entirety and somehow think they’re a Special Case and can ignore the Rules on sending me a message.

One wag recently went as far as suggesting I am… wait for it… prudish… because of my desire not to take even the first step down this particular road.

Somehow she (for it was a she, this time) has psychic powers that have allowed her to enter my brain and decide I haven’t actually thought this through. Well, wrong on two fronts: first, you’re almost certainly not psychic; and secondly, I have thought about it – which is exactly why I don’t want to do it.

Interestingly it leads on nicely from what I wrote about yesterday – the emotional entanglements that can come from this kind of kink. It’s easy to say being a male chastity cuckold is a bit of harmless fun, and for many it probably is. But for me and I expect most couples it wouldn’t be.

I had an email yesterday afternoon from a chap who said I’d struck a chord when I wrote about the need for a keyholder. He’d had some offline “thing” going with a lady but

At some point family issues intruded and she dropped communication. Or perhaps it had ceased to be fun for her and she used family as the reason to break it off”

I wonder.

We’ll never know and we never can, but it’s possible it was actually the other way around: she stopped because she was enjoying it too much.

From what I know of human nature and have seen in others when they have affairs, the emotions can take over. A male chastity cuckold can very soon end up single.

Because I know myself from my experiences with John, what starts out as a bit of fun and perhaps even something of an indulgence can draw you in until it consumes a large part of your thoughts and actions (look at me – 2 ½ years or so later I have John working up to 24/7 for a year in a Tollyboy belt, have one of the most widely acclaimed blogs on the subject and even have something of a following. Modesty aside, of course).

Now, I do know not all women need to feel an emotional connection with a man before she has sex with him. For us, making our husband a male chastity cuckold is fraught with danger.

And most of us are wired this way. We’ve evolved this way for all sorts of reasons and it’s simply true that women tend to be more touchy-feely and emotional than men about most things, and especially their relationships.

This is why a thick-skinned opinionated woman like me can sit and watch a stupid girly-flick and end up sobbing into my handkerchief while John is in his office making retching noises.

There is no denying, certainly not for me, anyway, in the heat of the moment the thought of having John as my hot and denied male chastity cuckold is a scorching-hot fantasy.

But the point is… that’s when I’m highly emotional and feeling. When you’re feeling, you’re not thinking and that means your judgement is massively impaired. Always be suspicious of anyone suggesting you follow your heart and your feelings and not your head, especially when they want your money, and double-especially when they’re selling something with great emotional appeal, like weight-loss products, “success” programmes, and other “opportunities”.

And then there’s the man, the male chastity cuckold himself. What’s going on in his mind?

He, too, might well find the whole thing utterly fabulous when he’s thinking about it while he’s going down on you and you’re both talking dirty. Believe me, that’s hot.

When things have calmed down a little, the thought of being a male chastity cuckold becomes more nerve-wracking than exciting… but he feels committed to seeing it through. Even at this point he’s not sure… but what the hell… every time he thinks about it he starts to get horny after a few minutes and the nervousness vanishes.

Until next time.

But then he perhaps starts thinking, “So… why is she so keen?”, “What if he’s better than I am?”, “What if she wants to keep on seeing him and won’t stop if I ask her to?”.

These are all genuine questions I’ve had asked of me by readers excited by the idea of becoming a male chastity cuckold.

Only they’re not actually sure about it any more but can’t bear to disappoint their wives who’ve taken to the idea like a duck to water. Not to twist the knife, chaps, but… why is she so keen, eh? 😉

You should know by now I have zero interest in telling you what to do. You should know by now I don’t say and have never said femdommery, cuckolding and all that stuff cannot work. It does, obviously for some.

But it also causes a lot of problems for a lot of couples.

If it works for you, fine. You and your partner are exceptions. The fact it’s so newsworthy and the subject of discussion itself tells us it’s not usual (we tend not to pay attention to the mundane – this, too, is a consequence of our evolution).

I get tired of hearing myself say all this but there’s always someone who either doesn’t read what I’ve written or reads it and thinks I’ve written something else, or what I really mean is… or I’m just a prude and I might actually enjoy it if I just listened to my feelings and gave it a try.

If being or having a male chastity cuckold works for you, that’s great. I’m pleased for you.

No, really. And I don’t even mind you posting about it on the Blog as a comment or even sending me messages.

But please no more “helpful” fucking advice on how I can “get started”. I’m interested in it as a subject of discussion but most definitely not as a practice in my own life.

Yes, to anticipate the next patronising little comment, that might change.

If it does and I decide a male chastity cuckold is what I want for Christmas or whatever, you’ll all be the first to know, after John.

In the meantime STFU!

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