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Is a Male Chastity Cuckold the Answer?

by Sarah on May 24, 2010

I’ve been asked about recently about my reluctance to make John a male chastity cuckold.

A couple of people have raised the question, and none more eloquently than Tantalised:

In the hope of changing the topic (sigh), I wondered if you could elaborate on how the idea of cuckolding came up.

You’ve been very clear that John would be okay with this — that, in fact, simply verbally stating it drove him wild — but that it’s not a solution for you

(This doesn’t surprise me. The idea of an additional partner either drives men mad with jealousy or mad with lust. On the other hand, your language says it all: you don’t see a second person as an addition but as a substitution. And why would you want a replacement for a man you love and lust for?)”

Before I get to the ultimate question, it’s worth pressing home the point Tantalised brings up here: making John a male chastity cuckold would indeed be a substitution for something I already have, and a poor substitution at that.

chastity cuckold image

A Chastity Cuckold’s View… 😉

One of the common threads I see when I read about the chastity cuckold is how the man is submissive and has a small penis that’s nowhere near enough to satisfy his wif… sorry, mistress’s… new-found insatiable sexual appetite… yawn… change the fucking record, you sad, lonely people, will you?

As I’ve said many, many times, John satisfies me utterly, both physically and intellectually and no man could even come close (it doesn’t hurt that John is in better physical shape than most men 20 or more years his junior).

Now, I’m perhaps belabouring this point because not every question I get is as perceptive or literate as Tantalised’s and many seem to be just oblique fantasies in disguise – you know, “durrr… you could make John watch another man please you while his little weiner is locked away and can’t get hard”.

I’ve even had at least one woman (or someone who claims to be a woman, although I do have my doubts), who suggested making John a male chastity cuckold would increase my dominance over him and was my “right” as his “owner”.

Arghghgh. Cretins. The world is full of fucking cretins. Surely I don’t need to explain what a crock of shit that comment is, do I?

OK, so I probably do: so, just for the record and the hard-of-thinking-and-reading: John is all the man I want, and the only man I want.

Further, my personal feeling is, barring physical disability, illness or other physical limitation, if your current partner doesn’t satisfy you, then you might want to think about finding a new one, because it seems to me…

If you need your man to be a chastity cuckold to make things complete, then there’s an important emotional connection missing!

Please note this is a personal preference. By all means share your own circumstances and experiences, but don’t waste my time telling me how I’m “wrong” because your own specific situation is different.

I’m not wrong, because I’m talking about me not you, right?

Tantalised then asked:

What I am curious about is whether the idea of cuckolding was one John initiated or one that came up during your research and that you raised first? Was it broached early on in the process or later as the periods between release grew greater?”

As you’ve written so eloquently, the very idea of male chastity can be quite a shock. Cuckolding goes even deeper — it’s a primal taboo. And yet, if lock-ups are going to be truly lengthy, it’s an almost inevitable question. Hence my curiosity as to how and when it was raised in your relationship.”

John’s being a cuckold, albeit not a male chastity cuckold, actually came up long before we even thought about the lifestyle

I can’t remember exactly when the idea of cuckolding first came up, or who mentioned it first, since we were fucking at the time and it was just one of those heat-of-the-moment talking-dirty things that turned us both on the moment it escaped our lips.

If memory serves me right, the earliest fantasy was of John being tied to a chair so he couldn’t so much as move, let alone touch himself, while he watched another man fucking me from behind. If that wasn’t the first mention, it was definitely one of them.

The male chastity cuckold bit came up as part of John’s “sales pitch” for the lifestyle – effectively telling me I didn’t have to miss out on anything just because I had him locked away and in strict orgasm denial.

In some ways it was moot because I think John already knew there was as much chance of me making a male chastity cuckold of him as there is of me learning to whistle and calling myself a Clanger. Although, to anticipate any comments, it wasn’t an empty offer he made knowing it was safe: he’s too damned keen on the idea of being a chastity cuckold and brings it up too often for it to be that. I know John and he’s keen on the bloody idea.

And in truth, I do find it a hot fantasy in the moment although even then the passion t do it isn’t burning, it’s more of an academic exercise in wouldn’t it be nice than a true desire.

Will it ever happen?

I’d never say never, but certainly I have no plans or real interest in making John a chastity cuckold. One stumbling block for me is I have to like the man I’m fucking, and forming a second relationship, however shallow and transitory while being so in love with John is, to me, just plain ridiculous.

But, who knows? Times change, and it’s always possible we’d be on holiday somewhere, slightly drunk, meet someone we “click” with and then one thing could lead to another.

But even then, it’d most likely be a one-off, or a “holiday romance” type thing. Knowing myself as I do, I really can’t imagine me making John a male chastity cuckold as part of the lifestyle.

So, I’m sorry to disappoint you miserable little wankers out there, especially the ones who kindly offer your, ah, “services” in this respect.

You just ain’t good enough for me. But you already knew that, you subservient little shits, didn’t you? Read my lips: we don’t want to make John a chastity cuckold, end of.

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