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More Male Chastity Fiction

by Sarah on September 5, 2012


Tatiana — Available from the Amazon Kindle Store

Well, as promised my second attempt at male chastity fiction is now available on the Amazon store (and it’s free for download until midnight PST on 5th September).

Unlike my first foray into erotic fiction with a slant towards chastity, this story, Tatiana is pure male chastity and involves no cuckolding.

It’s the first in a series which explores the reality of complete surrender to a woman by a man drawn into it almost against his will, and certainly against his better judgement.

But let’s be clear: he’s not being forced into doing anything he doesn’t want to do. One of the rules I have for myself in writing my fiction is to keep it possible and as realistic as I can. You might read some things that are far-fetched and unlikely, but none of it impossible. No escape-proof devices, no-one being “tricked” into a device or slipped into one while he’s asleep. If that’s the kind of story you want, then read someone else.

Here’s the blurb:

Tatiana… sizzling-hot daughter of a Russian billionaire with a very eclectic taste in men. A maneater.

But this doesn’t deter the man she names “Igrushka” — Plaything — in her native tongue, who makes a brazen approach when he first sets eyes on her at the party on her father’s luxury yacht.

Yet this time… perhaps he’s bitten off more than he can chew, and the mysterious Tatiyana begins to spin her web of irresistible desire and teasing, ever drawing him further in like a moth drawn to a candle-flame… to a doom he cannot resist yet knows he cannot bear.

This is the first in a series, and is approximately 8,000 words. It contains strong language and covers adult topics including male chastity, orgasm denial, oral sex, and ruined orgasm.

It is not for the prudish or the easily offended.

It’s had some pretty good reviews, too, all 4‑star or 5‑star.

Here’s perhaps my favourites (oddly enough, both 4‑stars):

I felt that choosing to have the book from the perspective of the man was risky, as Jameson is in fact a woman, but well done. The climatic (no pun intended) scene was thrilling and the world Jameson creates is a wonderful and (quite appropriately) hypnotizing one. However for a fantasy I felt that there was a bit too much build up and detail on the world outside rather than the world in the bedroom.

There are some good points here.

First, I chose the male perspective because that’s where most men will be reading it from — and it will be nearly all men who are reading it. You can thank John, my husband, because he gave me a lot of help and advice on this.

And secondly, yes, I’m building a world. But that’s deliberate because I know where Tatiana and Igrushka are bound, and male chastity is as much about what goes on in the head as about what goes on in the bedroom. Trust me, the “world” is necessary. More than that, I won’t reveal just yet.

And the other review:

Although the title describes male chastity, there is none of that here. What we have instead is an impossibly beautiful, stratospherically rich and unabashedly controlling woman seducing an erstwhile womanizer who she describes as “the one.” There is enough foreshadowing to signal a dismal future for the poor man caught up by this seductress, but it remains to be seen if Ms. Jameson can maintain the momentum to keep us readers on the hook like a man denied orgasm by a woman. Can she transform the reality of male chastity into an erotically satisfying story?

Let me commend Ms. Jameson on avoiding the ubiquitous typos that are the bane of readers of self-published Kindle books. Her writing is well crafted and the scenes evocative. My rating of four stars reflects the obviously serial nature of this work. A more accurate rating will necessarily await its completion. I look forward to finding out if Ms. Jameson’s subsequent titles in this series measure up to its very nice beginning.

No male chastity? Hmm. Perhaps. But certainly lots of T&D. And Tatiana is not just seeking control of his orgasms. She wants to own him and receive his most delicious and abject surrender.

Other than that… you’ll just have to wait 😉

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