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A Male Chastity Forum, Perchance (and some awesome news)

by Sarah on June 8, 2010

So… here’s something I’ve been pondering a while: a male chastity forum.

A lot of people ask me this, perhaps a dozen or two a week, sometimes as a standalone question, sometimes as an afterthought to another question, and, occasionally they just give it to me as a suggestion.

And I’m in something of a quandary about it. I was extremely resistant to it at first since there are at least three forums I’m aware of, and at the time this Blog was nothing to anyone except me.

On the other hand, my thinking has mellowed somewhat and now I’m coming round to the idea. I think there is perhaps room for a more cerebral forum which has a similar thrust and raison d’être to the Blog itself: a male chastity forum to promote and discuss a realistic and sensible approach to the lifestyle and to educate men and women about it.

I level no criticism of the other forums out there, especially of Chastity Mansion (I think Mistress Watchful does a wonderful job), but they do seem to cater for all types – and sadly, as you’d expect, a lot of the people posting in them are posting the kind of material I personally would rather avoid. Again, for the hard of thinking and those who take someone’s personal preference as being a personal attack, I make no qualitative judgement on any of them. I simply want mine to be different.

So, before I go to all the time, trouble and effort of putting a male chastity forum up here for all to enjoy, I’d really like to know if enough people actually want it and are likely to participate (there’s a Poll up on the right – so please, cast your vote, if you’ve a mind to).

Now, I do insist the content is high quality, on topic and sensible. No doubt the load on me as an administrator will be quite high at first, since no matter how plain and obvious I make it I don’t want people posting ungrammatical stories about their “man clitties” in uncapitalised text-speak, there are going to be some febrile posters who like to wank over their own fiction and fantasies, but I hope after a short while the regular posters (assuming I have any!) will help police it, too.

I don’t want to be too prescriptive or proscriptive and I’m happy for people to write about “female supremacy” and “slavery” in whatever pathetic glory it can muster, but only insofar as it relates to orgasm denial and control of their man’s sexuality. It’ll be a male chastity forum, pure and simple.

Whatever kind of sissy, slave or sub you consider yourself to be elsewhere, on any forum I create, you will post like a man, and a literate one at that. If that’s beyond you, then you won’t be welcome (and don’t give me any shit about “free speech”. I pay the bills around here, and it’s just as much my private property as is my home, my car, and my body. You wanna post shit, write your own blog and create your own forum).

Finally, I’ll expect good manners, intelligence and respect for others’ rights. I don’t expect Political Correctness, and you don’t have to respect others’ views (just their right to have them). I won’t tolerate ad hominem attacks (well, mostly I won’t) or discrimination – although the male chastity forum will be focused on mostly heterosexual men and women in relationships together, I really don’t care what your sexual preferences are, and you’re more than welcome.

So… if all this sounds like fun, either cast your vote in the Poll opposite, leave a comment below, or send me a private message.

P.S. John’s belt arrived today. He’s in it right now. I am so horny I could burst… the only thing stopping my pussy from igniting is the juice making it so fucking wet.

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