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Male Chastity Fun for John

by Sarah on April 23, 2010

A post inspired yet again by another comment. In short: John’s male chastity and what to do when his belt arrives.

And perhaps time for a little fun. Well, I think it’s fun. I suspect the readers of this blog will, too. But I’m not sure John will, even though he’s laughing about what I’m about to write. I’m sure I detect juuust a hint of nervousness there.

Here’s the situation: John is about due for a “weekend honeymoon” in three weeks’ time. I might change my mind, but that’s how it stands at the moment.

On top of that, his Tollyboy belt should be ready well within the same time-scale. We kind of expected it by now but no matter. It’ll no doubt come before he does.

Anyway, it’s obviously going to take some time for him to get used to it and to make sure he can wear it for extended periods. In an ideal world, we’ll get the fit right, he’ll hand me the keys and we’ll take it from there. His male chastity will be well and truly ensured.


Only… I really don’t know what to do.

Here’s my dilemma: do I let him orgasm before he gives me the keys… or do I just take them and let him wait and see.

There’s no logical reason I should let him orgasm before taking the keys, but there is a certain emotional pressure. Not from John, but the same kind of feeling you get the weekend before going on a diet, if you get my meaning; a feeling I can best enunciate as “well once I’ve got the keys he won’t be able to orgasm until I unlock him so I might as well let him come before that and we can start again”.

On the one hand, this feels like it makes sense. But on the other, it’s completely bonkers. Why should I break the stride of male chastity, so to speak? There is no logical reason to see any difference in John-unlocked and John-locked. There is no rational argument for allowing him to orgasm just because he’s about to be locked up.

I’ve obviously talked it over with John, not only because it concerns him but also because it’s a bizarre and quirky psychological vibe of the kind that tickles us both (human beings are the most fascinating things).

John’s answer, as you’d expect was “you decide, lover”, which is nice but really bloody frustrating because I’m undecided (this is why we’re not a female-led couple: I like John to make the decisions and accepting his gift of male chastity even in this one area of our lives was really difficult for me at the beginning, and still can prove to be even now… like, errr… right now).

Now, putting to one side for a moment the fact he’s coming up for a “free weekend”, because that’s up to me. It won’t be the first time I’ve changed my mind.

Anyway, I see three potential courses of action:

  1. I let him come before we get into the process of getting the belt to fit, then take the keys when he gives them to me and take it from there; or
  2. We get the belt sorted out first, then I let him come just before/after/when I take the keys; or
  3. We get the belt sorted out, I take the keys and he gets to come around Christmas time if he’s lucky. He gets big time male chastity with no break before the belt goes on.

There’s something breath-catchingly hot and horny about the third option. I can see from John’s face this worries him a bit but it’s also a turn on for him.

We talked about it last night as he was fucking me senseless (and how do I know how hot the thought makes him…? He nearly blew and had to stop several times to gather his wits even though I’d plied him with a little wine beforehand to take the edge of things for him).

But I don’t know if I could do that to the poor man. He hasn’t orgasmed for almost three months now, and another six or seven months on top of that seems terribly unfair. But fucking hot, too.

You know, this feels almost like the emotional bazooka that hits me when we talk about permanent male chastity, or rather permanent orgasm denial. Hard to see it rationally, and that alone tells me it might be infeasible.

Of course, this is all predicated on the belt arriving, fitting properly and indeed John’s being able to wear it more or less indefinitely without blowing up in oedema and whatnot.

Still, it’s nice to think about it isn’t it?

Thinking aloud now as I type this (for darling indecisive hubby’s benefit), maybe I’ll run a poll on the blog and let the readership decide. Perhaps that’ll teach the irritating fellow a lesson (because I bet I can guess what the vote would be).

Two posts in one day. I think I’m getting to enjoy this.

Or maybe it’s just the afterglow from last night, or just the wine again… because I fancy a second round of fun tonight ;-).

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