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So, Who Else Wants a Male Chastity Guide?

by Sarah on April 5, 2010

In an off-the-cuff comment yesterday I mooted the idea of writing a male chastity guide, something along the lines of Lucy Fairbourne’s “Male Chastity a Guide for Keyholders”, or perhaps like the downloadable one floating around the Internet by someone calling herself “Mistress Sara” (positively no relation).

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but much to my surprise I got about half a dozen messages in my inbox all saying, in effect, the same thing: “yes please, Sarah!”.


The idea does have some merit, I suppose and I confess the idea of having a book or guide out there with my name on it is something of a boost to my ego. I expect it might make a little money, too, although I don’t think many people get rich selling ebooks (which is why I write as a freelancer). And money is like orgasms… it’s impossible to be too rich in them ;-).

So perhaps there’s something in the idea. It is an exciting idea and John thinks it’s right up my street.

My biggest problem is always not knowing when to stop. When I write, I’m a stickler for detail and everything has to be absolutely right, at least as far as I can get it “right” and explained to the nth degree.

To be really worthwhile a male chastity guide has to encompass pretty much every aspect of the kink… but then I don’t really want to stray too much into the domination side because not only do I not know much about it other than what I’ve heard from others, but also it seems there’s something of a groundswell of opinion in favour of what I’ve termed vanilla chastity (and apologies to whomever if someone else coined that phrase – I don’t recall seeing it, but I’m happy to credit the creator if I’ve inadvertently pinched it).

My other problem is time. John and I are really busy with client work at the moment, and, me being me, if I do decide to write a male chastity guide, then I’ll drop everything (on John) and stick with it until it’s done. And that might take a week or two for reasons I’ve already explained.

But then on the upside… writing a male chastity guide is definitely one of those ideas I get sometimes that feels instinctively “right”, you know? I get that tingle in my tummy and all the bits and pieces seem to come together in my head as if from nowhere and I find it hard to concentrate on anything else until I’ve scratched the itch.

Unfortunately, female intuition isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be and we’re wrong probably as often as we’re right and certainly no more often than men are. We’re just more emotional and think we’re right when we’re not ;-).

Also on the upside… John thinks it’s a great idea, even though it means substantially more work for him in picking up my workload.

But then… he might say that anyway because he is bound to benefit from my increased focus on the idea of male chastity per se while I’m writing it.

And let’s face it, writing a male chastity guide isn’t exactly going to put me off the idea is it…? My guess is the more I think and write about writing the Guide, the more I’m going to get into the male chastity lifestyle. Hmmm. Now I’m trying to remember if John actually put the idea in my head in the first place. He’s a cunning fellow at times… he might also think I’ll reward him with an orgasm, but he’s sadly mistaken.

On the contrary, I ought to make him wait an extra year or two for being a smartarse. Votes on a postcard, please.

Oh well… it looks like I’ve talked myself into the idea now (seriously, can anyone think of a good reason why not? )

Well, it’s at least worth looking at it in more detail, yes?

Watch this space… male chastity guide, here we come!

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