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Male Chastity Health and Safety

by Sarah on June 25, 2010

This is a post I’ve been promising to write for a while, on male chastity health and safety. For now, let’s look at the purely physical aspects.

There seem to be three main concerns:

  1. Is it safe to go without an orgasm for a prolonged period of time, even indefinitely?
  2. Is it safe to wear a chastity belt for a long time?
  3. Will being locked in a chastity device male my penis shrink?

Let’s take them in reverse order.

I’ve read lots of claims on forums that locking a man in long-term chastity and not allowing him to have an erection can cause his penis to shrink. I don’t know if there’s any truth in this, but certainly the claims don’t seem very likely.


Because not one I’ve read has been written in the first person. It’s always reporting something they’ve read, heard or has described to them as happening to someone else. It’s a bit like those urban legends that go around – it’s always a friend of a friend, or something like that, a connection close enough to be plausible but far enough away to be unverifiable.

And since the skin of the penis is very flexible, it doesn’t strike me as being likely this should happen.

There are all sorts of reasons for your penis to shrink but I can’t find any reliable and verifiable evidence that locking someone in a male chastity belt is one of them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m right.

And for me, it’s moot anyway, because I frequently treat John to some serious tease and denial, which means he (and I) enjoy the full benefit of his unfettered erection. Well, he doesn’t often enjoy the full benefit, but you know what I mean – male chastity for us is based on orgasm denial more than sexual activity with his penis.

It could also happen for psychological reasons (being locked up for a long time may well remove the desire in some men and make them psychologically impotent). I don’t know – it’s likely to be different from man to man, and for the same man in different circumstances.

And the answer is simple: you can avoid it with simple tease and denial, or, indeed, regular full sex, with or without orgasm. While this is just my own opinion, locking a man’s penis away completely and forever just wouldn’t suit me because that’s not how I want my relationship to be.

Now, is it safe to wear a male chastity belt for a long time?

A bit of common sense will tell you it depends on the belt and it depends on what you’re doing in it. If the belt is comfortable and fits well, and you’re not, say, crawling around MRI scanners or spending your time sitting in activated microwave ovens or induction furnaces, I don’t see why not.

It’d be insane to put the belt or device on and never take it off again for inspection or cleaning (another claim you see bandied about a lot on the ‘net). But so long as you do take it off for inspection regularly, and apply some of that common sense regarding access to the key in an emergency, there’s no reason not to wear a comfortable male chastity device more or less indefinitely.

A related note of caution: it’s tempting and hot to make escape “impossible” and to have the key unreachable (like, maybe thousands of miles away, or in someone else’s possession when there’s no way you can get to it). This is not a good idea. Emergencies do happen and even simple things like a testicle slipping out of a ring can be incredibly painful and even dangerous if not attended to quickly (once one of John’s balls popped out of his Lori, even though that looked impossible).

As before, for John and me the question of “how long is safe?” is moot, since I like to play with him unlocked fairly often, usually at least once a week and frequently more often than that.

Finally, the most interesting question of all: “is it safe to go without an orgasm for a prolonged period of time, even indefinitely?

The answer has to be unequivocally yes. Male chastity and orgasm denial can be permanent without risk to physical health, of that I’m sure. Your man’s mental health might suffer, but that’s another matter.

Some men will tell you when they’re horny that it’s actually dangerous for their testicles not to be allowed to orgasm. I expect most women have heard this at one time or another in their lives whether they’re into male chastity or not, especially from young, horny men who’re trying to coerce you into giving them what they want.

And I might be wrong, but I think it’s bollocks, if you’ll forgive the pun. If it was true, then vasectomised men would have the same problems, since there’s no way for sperm to escape their testicles through the vas deferens. This is functionally equivalent from the testicles’ point of view to not having an orgasm.

However, there is some evidence to show an increased problem with the prostate if it’s not emptied from time to time (but then there’s research showing the opposite). So the jury’s out.

No one actually knows (which is why they’re still doing research, at least according to

But, of course, it’s perhaps best to be cautious, and we lose nothing because emptying the prostate does not mean your man has to be allowed to orgasm.

There are other ways of doing it which go from the sublime to the frankly ridiculous (to my mind), and I’ll describe them in detail in a post tomorrow.

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