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Male Chastity is More Fun When It's Cruel

by Sarah on August 5, 2010

After my last post, waxing lyrical about cruelty, male chastity and your sweet, innocent and virginal host’s tendency to evil, a couple of things came up which are remarkably interconnected.


Nah, just coincidence. The universe is a big interesting place, but it really isn’t interested in me. It’s not even hostile – just supremely indifferent.

Susan’s Pet commented (on a different post to the “cruelty” one):

Is the last time your man allowed to orgasm truly the last? Would you feel bad if he really could not do it again because of external circumstances?”

And D. from Oz emailed me and said (among other things):

[…] why do you think John likes it more when you’re cruel than when you are kind??”

Good questions.

As I mentioned in my last post, John has addressed this in this week’s newsletter, and I’m wondering about adding another section to the free guide.

But in the meantime, here’s my take on it, from a woman’s and keholder’s point of view.

I think for most men the pleasure of male chastity and orgasm denial is two fold. This is perhaps a bit simplistic, but I think it’s broadly true from what I can gather having talked to some of them and corresponded with many more.

The first pleasure is physical. Whilst men love their orgasms, it’s also true they’re generally too brief and not a pleasure they can easily savour. Left entirely to his own devices it’s hard for most men to take it slowly (hence the number of emails I get from younger guys who tell me they’re too busy masturbating to go out and find a real woman. True).

By locking a man in male chastity a woman gives him the gift of what is in effect an orgasm that takes days, weeks, months and perhaps even longer to come to fruition.

For example, if I let John come at Christmas, then he’ll have been working up to it for more than 7 months .

The second pleasure is psychological and is perhaps necessarily deeper, more complex and more difficult for us women to understand – the man relinquishing control. Maybe so many men love this because society has conditioned them to be tough, strong, confident and always in control of themselves and the situation.

Now, to answer the questions.

If John couldn’t orgasm because of injury or disease, then yes, I’d feel bad for him – because part of the pleasure in having his orgasms controlled as part of male chastity is knowing there’s a chance he’s going to get one at any time or at least some time in the future. If the possibility is removed entirely, then so is the anticipation, and the anticipation is, to some, all.

And why does John like it the crueller I am?

That probably has a complex answer, too, but one simple part of it is in being cruel I am generally either increasing the anticipation by promising a longer period of denial, or upping the intensity by getting him closer and closer to the point of no-return.

Often it’s both of these together.

And then, of course, the crueller I am the less control he has which deepens the pleasure he gets from relinquishing control per se. Male chastity is one big bloody positive feedback loop…

I think this is what they call “win win”, isn’t it?

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