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The Dilemma of a Male Chastity Keyholder

by Sarah on May 13, 2010

This weekend we spoke at length about my imminent role as his true male chastity keyholder.

As you’ll be aware most of the time John is on his Honour and we practice male orgasm denial without the benefit of a device most of the time.

But soon, very soon, I hope, John’s Tollyboy  belt is going to arrive and assuming all goes according to plan, he’ll be handing me his keys long before our next planned Honeymoon, meaning he’s got a lot longer than his customary three or four months to wait. More on that in a moment (and more on this actual weekend in another post – prurient details and all, I promise).

Anyway, to continue… one of the things that came up was how our whole perception of the entire lifestyle has changed. Even without the belt being here, never mind his actually wearing it, our view of what it means to us both for me to be a male chastity keyholder has changed markedly, as indeed has John’s attitude to what it’s going to mean for him to be subjected to strict male orgasm denial in the very near future, where his minute-by-minute consent, if you will, is no longer required (by this I mean the difference between just refraining from orgasm and not being able to achieve it without removing the belt either forcibly or by using the key).

I suspect some of it, probably a good proportion in fact, is down to my being immersed in thinking and writing about the whole topic, day in, day out. What’s more, I’m getting a lot of new perspectives and viewpoints from many different directions.

And all of this is good. I mean, Really Good.

There’s no doubt the idea of being his honest-to-goodness male chastity keyholder is taking on a life of its own and it’s intoxicating, electrifying, and as sexually charged as a barrel of celibate stoats steeped in pure testosterone.

Did I say this was Really Fucking Good?

So, the question: how long will I “enforce” male orgasm denial?

Good question. John surprised me by apparently reading my mind, although it’s probably more a case of his being an inveterate smartarse as well as reading this Blog (I tend to forget he reads it since he doesn’t refer to it explicitly unless I ask him about something).

He said, “My guess is… and it’s an educated guess… you’re going to lock me for a sod of a long time. And that’s exactly what I’d hoped for”.


Now, if the Chastity Taliban ever hear of this I’ll be in trouble because it’s clearly John “topping from the bottom” being “disrespectful” of his male chastity keyholder. Bollocks is it.

As you should know by now, I always consult him on important matters (and you can’t deny long-term male orgasm denial is an important matter and will figure greatly in his life, far more than in mine on a day-to-day basis) and ask his opinion before making decisions like this, and his opinion does carry some weight.

I’m the one who ultimately decides, of course, because that’s the agreement we made, but his feelings do count. And why not? We’re both doing this with the intention of enjoying it, playing it as a two-way-street.

Having said that, I consider myself blessed, extremely lucky, and real winner in the lottery of life.


Because no matter which way I cut it, John’s answer is the same: you decide, Sarah. We’ve discussed in minute detail exactly what that means in terms of my being his male chastity keyholder. Exactly.

In short, my vague plans and ideas of subjecting him to a full year of male orgasm denial have nothing standing between my dream and making it a reality.

Like me, he doesn’t know exactly how it’s going to feel or what problems and challenges we might come up against. But the point is, it doesn’t matter. None of that matters, because I have been given carte blanche by John to do as I will.

And there is so much I want to do, so many things to enjoy. So many beautifully exquisite tortures for us both to delight in.

I imagine what it would be like to make him orgasm on that day, a whole year after the last one and my mind goes all a‑frazzle.

Could I really do that do him? Could he stand it? Could I?

I feel like Christmas has come early. I is a very lucky girl. My only problem is I just don’t know what to decide or what to do first!

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