Male Chastity: Letting the Cat out of the Bag

by Sarah on January 25, 2011

I had some interesting emails about the male chastity lifestyle this week, not least because they gave such diametrically opposed counterpoints to the whole thing how did bob marley die.

The first is rather amusing in its own way, even if it’s a little depressing. I’ll look at the second (much more cheerful one) tomorrow.

The history of it is I had a brief email exchange with a fellow who’d just elected to , and he was telling me he enjoyed it and appreciated finding a source of realistic, sane and sensible information on male chastity.

So far so good.

But then a couple of days later, I got three emails within the space of two minutes. Here they are in their entirety:

Fuck off you stupid whore you are ruining our family, go do your own thing and leave us alone.”

Go away, leave us alone.”

Go away, take this pathetic person off your email list, he has a family. Leave us alone.”

One thing I want to make clear before I comment on all this is I don’t send anyone emails about male chastity unless they’ve asked to receive them – it’s as simple as that. This man wants make chastity and has asked for information about it. Who knows how long he’s had this burning desire?

Anyway, reading between the lines, it looks to me like the poor man has broached the subject of male chastity to his wife and she is, shall we say, less than enthusiastic about the idea.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say she’s actually disgusted with any kind of sexual experimentation whatsoever, never mind male chastity, and he’s enduring a thoroughly miserable existence with her.

So, what can we take away from this?

Well, first it’s plain…

Not Everyone Is Open to the Idea of Male Chastity

And this is something I’ve written about before. By expressing your desires, you do risk a backlash – even one as vituperative and unpleasant as this.

Is this a bad thing?

It certainly isn’t pleasant, that’s for sure. But at least something is now out in the open, pleasant or not, and personally I’d rather know the truth about where I stand in my relationship than cling on to misapprehensions.

I can’t know for certain, but I also think this highlights something else I’ve said before…

Male Chastity is Not a Panacea

And it won’t fix a broken relationship. And reading between the lines, I’d say this relationship is pretty broken – you don’t refer to your loved one as “this pathetic person” unless you’re feeling a great deal of contempt for him or her, and to my mind contempt is pretty much an unrecoverable position.

My guess is this poor fellow knows there’s something badly wrong in his marriage and wants to fix it. At least now he knows how she really feels about him, and that might make him think long and hard about how and with whom he’s going to spend the rest of his life.

I could be wrong about all this, of course, and I admit I’m merely speculating based on a few lines of emails. But I think those few lines speak volumes, and I, for one, both admire the man for finally speaking his truth about his desire for male chastity, and feel for him because he deserves a better response than the one he got. I suspect what she means by “leave us alone” is “stop letting my husband think about what he wants out of  life – all I care about is me!”

Like I say, male chastity isn’t going to solve all your marital woes, nor is it going to “go away” just because your partner treats you disgracefully for having the courage to ask for what you want.

But to my way of thinking it’s best to ask for male chastity and find this truth out once and for all, rather than spend your life wishing, hoping and maybe even praying “something” is just going to come up.

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