Gory Details about the Male Chastity Lifestyle

by Sarah on April 23, 2010

Finally… I’m replying to a question about the details of our male chastity lifestyle.

The comment, just in case you haven’t seen it or have forgotten it, was from someone going by the name of “Lenbug” and said:

I don’t believe that you have dis­cussed the ways you enter­tain yourselves when John is in chastity. What kind of atten­tion do you receive? Do you use toys? F/M strapons?”

My reply was fairly dismissive, for reasons I’ll go into in a moment:

You’re quite right, Len­bug. I haven’t dis­cussed that.”

I almost ignored the comment completely and I certainly wouldn’t be coming back to it now had I not received a message from someone (not Lenbug, so far as I know) complaining about how “rude and dismissive” I was in my answer.


What is it with people who think they’ve got the right to my attention, or the right to have all their questions answered to their satisfaction about matters which are frankly none of their business?

I don’t have a problem with Lenbug’s original question about how we live the male chastity lifestyle at all: he (or she) asked an implicit question which I declined to answer. No problem there.

But for some other reader to then chime in and tacitly suggest it’s my obligation to write to order is beyond the pale. I have two words for you. The second is “off” and the first rhymes with “duck”, “truck” and “muck”.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Now, with that rant out of the way, let me get back to Lenbug’s original question.

When I first started the blog I did have it at the back of my mind to include where appropriate some of the more prurient details. I’ve done it on occasion and have no problem in principle in doing more of it.

But to my surprise, the blog has proved to be extraordinarily well received and successful and has turned out rather more cerebral than I imagined it would, thanks to the quality of the commentators. The ebb and flow of topics and discussions has taken on something of a life of its own – and that’s fine by me.

And what interests me more about the male chastity lifestyle is the wider picture. I mean, do people really need to be told the details of how John pleases me and what I do to him? Sure, it might make for some hot stories and titillation, but I’m not writing this blog to titillate.

Are they so inexperienced with lovemaking that they need step-by-step instructions and diagrams? If you need a sex-manual, you really are reading the wrong blog.

So, no, for the moment I won’t be sharing many intimate details because I’ve got more interesting things to write about with regard to the male chastity lifestyle. After all, the sex itself is just a small (but very important) part of it.

I’ve no doubt I will post bits and pieces here and there as they come up and when they’re appropriate , and I do have it in my mind to relate some of the juicier details of John’s next orgasm which isn’t too far away; what’s more his Tollyboy should be arriving Any Day Now, so that’s going to spark a whole new dimension to things.

If you want to open up graphic and explicit topics in the comments, that’s fine, too. I’m not being proscriptive or prescriptive about what people say or post here necessarily.

But, really, if you’re looking for a hot stream of sexual escapades about my sex life, then there are plenty of forums and blogs catering for those tastes.

To me, that’s just detail and not really about the male chastity lifestyle per se at all.

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