Making the Male Chastity Lifestyle Mainstream

by Sarah on June 11, 2010

Could the male chastity lifestyle become mainstream?

That’s what John and I were talking about last night as he nursed some bruises from his new Tollyboy belt.

It’s taking some getting used to and needs bending and adjusting, but it’s getting there. No oedema, either. But he’s out of it for a day or so, the poor man.

Anyway… to continue. Could it?

Could the Male Chastity Lifestyle Become Mainstream?

I think it could.

Now, before you think I’ve crossed over into fantasy land or gone completely gaga, let me say what I mean by “could the male chastity lifestyle become mainstream”.

What I don’t mean is “the male chastity lifestyle will become the norm”. I know some people imagine that one day the world will be a Femdom Empire, but that’s just not going to happen. The differences in male and female psychology, physiology and biology pretty much guarantee men are going to remain top-dogs for a very, very long time.

And for most couples, I suspect this means things are going to be much as they are now – so I am not saying the male chastity lifestyle is going to become the “norm”. Human nature won’t allow it. The male chastity lifestyle will always be rather fringe.

I’ve come to the way of thinking the couples who do best with the male chastity lifestyle – or any kind of kink or any lifestyle that deviates from the standard “two minutes of squelching” idea of sex – tend to be intelligent, articulate and imaginative.

Since most people are pretty unimaginative I think it pretty much precludes a huge societal change towards the male chastity lifestyle.

Oddly enough, I think men are more likely to be the weakest link in adopting the male chastity lifestyle, even though more often than not when the male chastity lifestyle is mooted it’s the man who brings it up. I think it’s probably easier for a man to lead a woman into the male chastity lifestyle than it is the reverse (and certainly more common in my experience).

However, and to get firmly back on track, society does change, albeit slowly, and over time attitudes to sex and sexuality have changed dramatically, even in my lifetime.

I’m 45 now. When I was a little girl homosexuality was most definitely taboo, cohabiting and single-motherhood was an absolute disgrace, and sex before marriage probably wasn’t uncommon but was most definitely deeply, deeply frowned upon.

Skip forward to the present day, and unless you live in a positively backward and mediaeval society, usually dominated by the mental illness of religion, then things have changed dramatically.

Could the Male Chastity Lifestyle Become Part of This Change?

Because these days it’s a point of amusement and some (perhaps nervous and only slightly scandalised) bemusement to have “Ann Summers” parties where ordinary women and housewives from all walks of life can examine and purchase all manner of lingerie, sex-aids and erotic paraphernalia in the privacy of their own homes and the giggling company of their friends, neighbours and colleagues.

How much of a push would it take to get the concept of the male chastity lifestyle into one of these parties?

Not much, I suspect.

How much effort would it take for a mainstream magazine to pick up a story on the male chastity lifestyle and portray it in a positive light rather than as the extreme BDSM fetish it’s currently portrayed as on the ‘net?

Not much.

And the reason I think society would respond is that the male chastity lifestyle is not an extreme kink. The male chastity lifestyle is merely an extension of what most men and women have experienced or done in the past (as in gentle teasing) and, perhaps most crucial of all, is the male chastity lifestyle is not just about sex.

The male chastity lifestyle is a way of increasing intimacy, improving relationships as well as improving your sex life.

Looking at the rubbish bursting out of the women’s magazines every month, I think it would be easy for an enterprising editor or writer to pick the concept of the male chastity lifestyle up and run with it a long, long way. (Unsubtle and shameless hint for anyone in the media: here I am).

So yes, I do think the male chastity lifestyle could become mainstream and, while not common perhaps, certainly as common and widely accepted by society as homosexuality.

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